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Individual Development Accounts (IDA)

The Individual Development Account (IDA) Program is an asset development program that assists low-moderate income individuals and families in breaking trends of generational poverty, improving their quality of life, and attaining self-sufficiency through matched savings incentive, education, and building personal financial skills. IDA was established in 1997 through Indiana State legislation (I.C. 4-4-28) and is currently fully State-funded. IDA is administered locally by non-profit community-based organizations with oversight by IHCDA.

In conjunction with the conventional IDA Program, IHCDA also oversees the IDA Tax Credit Program, which assists IDA program administrators in supplementing their IDA Program slots by providing them with Indiana Tax Credits to use as a fundraising tool to incentivize increased donor contributions to finance additional IDA accounts.

To learn more about IDA, click on the “What is IDA?” section below. To find a local IDA administrator near you, click on the “Find your Local IDA Administrator” section.


The 2024 IDA/IDA Tax Credit Administrator application will open on April 16, 2024. All applications are to be completed online via direct link emailed to the applicant from SurveyMonkey. To request to receive an email with a link to the application, please complete the application request form HERE.

Application request forms may be submitted prior to April 16; however, you will not receive the link until the application opens.

While the application period is open, all application links will be emailed within 48 hours (business days) of submission of the request form. If you do not receive the application link, please first check your spam folder and ensure SurveyMonkey is added to your allowed email list. Click HERE for more information on this from the SurveyMonkey website. If you have followed these instructions and still have not received the application link, please email for further assistance.

The application will close on May 13, 2024 at 5 PM Eastern, and no submissions will be accepted after that time.

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