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My Community My Vision


My Community, My Vision (MCMV) is a youth-driven placemaking partnership between the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) and Patronicity. While the program was launched in 2016, IHCDA is re-introducing the program in 2022 following the Covid-19 pandemic with a new vision for connecting young people in Indiana to the places they live and allowing them the opportunity to make a positive impact in their communities. In collaboration with the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA) and Association of Indiana Municipalities (AIM) Youth Council Networks, cohorts of youth council students will participate in a semester-long program focused on asset-based community development, stakeholder engagement, and placemaking. Over the course of four months, students will develop an idea for a place-based community project, determine the project’s scope and budget, and fundraise for their project utilizing Patronicity’s crowdfunding website. Teams that meet a fundraising goal by the end of the semester will be eligible to receive a dollar-for-dollar match of IHCDA grant funds to contribute to their project.

Student youth council teams, alongside their foundation or local unit of government sponsor, will utilize these funds to see their project—whether a trail, park, plaza, mural, or other concept—built in their town or city to be a place for their community members to enjoy for years to come.

2022-2023 Program

MCMV Revamp Presentation Video
MCMV Revamp Presentation Slides

Application Guidelines
Participant Expectation Form
Sponsor Expectation Form
Project Examples
Photographic Release/Consent Form

2019-2020 Program

Participating communities include: Hobart, Jasper, Mishawaka, North Putnam, and Versailles.

Please see below for resources related to the My Community, My Vision 2019-2020 webinar titled, Engage Your Community's Youth, conducted on March 20, 2019. This document and webinar will provide the user with important program information including how to apply.

Slide Presentation
2019-2020 MCMV Program Overview Webinar

MCMV Informational Sheet
MCMV Participant Spreadsheet
MCMV Participant Expectation Form
MCMV Photographic Consent and Release Form

2018-2019 Program

2017-2018 Program

2016-17 Program

2015-16 Program

2014-15 Program


For more information on MCMV, please email Meagan Heber, Placemaking and Environmental Review Manager, at