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Homeownership Web Application and Training

Homeownership Web Application

Training Materials

Summary of the Authority DMS System

Homeownership Programs and Processes - Lender Training

Participating Lender Matrix

To schedule training as either a participating lender or an interested realtor seeking to learn more about the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs and tax credits available to homebuyers, contact IHCDA's Homeownership Department at Homeownwership@ihcda.in.gov.

Homeownership Lender Access Levels

Lender - This permission allows access to the system, without it selected, the user can't log in.

Lender Administrator - This permission grants the user to create and deactivate accounts, change passwords, and manage user permissions.

Lender DPA Request - This permission allows the user to request DPA Funds.

Lender Documents - This permission allows the user to access documents in the system (i.e. affidavit, reservation fee invoices).