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Homeownership Web Application and Training

Homeownership Web Application

Training Materials

Summary of the Authority DMS System

Homeownership Programs and Processes - Lender Training (Updated February 16, 2021)

To schedule training as either a participating lender or an interested realtor seeking to learn more about the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs and tax credits available to homebuyers, contact one of IHCDA's Account Managers Mark Doud or Brienne White, or call 317-232-7777 and ask for the Homeownership Department.  

Homeownership Lender Access Levels

Lender - This permission allows access to the system, without it selected, the user can't log in.

Lender Administrator - This permission grants the user to create and deactivate accounts, change passwords, and manage user permissions.

Lender DPA Request - This permission allows the user to request DPA Funds.

Lender Documents - This permission allows the user to access documents in the system (i.e. affidavit, reservation fee invoices).