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HMIS ClientTrack and DV ClientTrack

There have been recent upgrades to the HMIS ClientTrack and DV ClientTrack system. As a result, the links have changed. They are:

HMIS ClientTrack - https://www.clienttrack.net/IndianaHMIS
DV ClientTrack - https://www.clienttrack.net/IDV

HMIS/DV New Project Set-Up
If you are an existing organization requesting a new project be set up in the HMIS or DV production systems, please click here to complete the following form.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please reach out to the HMIS Help Desk or DV Help Desk at HMIShelpdesk@ihcda.in.gov and DVhelpdesk@ihcda.in.gov, respectively.


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Below are the electronic copies of Intake and Exit forms for PATH and Outreach programs effective October 1, 2021