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Healthy Homes Resource Program

  • Resources for Homeowners / Renters / Landlords

    Environmental hazards in the home can negatively affect the health and safety of everyone who lives there, especially children.  Identifying, preventing and addressing these issues can help ensure that all residents have access to clean, safe and healthy homes in which to grow and thrive.

    If any of these hazards apply to your home, you may be eligible for assistance..

    • Radon
    • Lead-based paint
    • Damp and mold growth
    • Electrical hazards
    • Accessibility issues
    • Structural concerns
    • Carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products
    • Pests and refuse

    Signs you may have a hazard  your home include:

    • Shortness of breath, persistent cough, tightness or pain in the chest, hoarseness, trouble swallowing
    • Walls, furniture, or windowsills in your home with chipping or peeling paint that was built or created before 1978
    • Dark or wet spots, cracking, bubbling, or flaking, standing water, damp, musty, or moldy smell
    • Flickering lights, excessive breaker tripping, sparking, hot outlets or switch plates, inoperable outlets, buzzing, burning smell, electrical shocks
    • Stairs and mobility concerns in the home, poor lighting, lack of wheelchair accessibility, narrow doorways, slippery floors
    • Cracks or bulging on wall and ceilings, uneven gaps around windows and doors, crumbling concrete/brick, sagging or sloping floors, cracks in chimney, soil pulling away from house walls, sagging roof
    • Poorly functioning heating system, black soot on fuel fired systems, you feel better when away from home, symptoms appear or seem worse when using fuel-burning equipment
    • Signs of pests, including: droppings, small openings, evidence of nesting, smells/sounds, tracks
  • Programs Available
    • Healthy Homes Resource Program Application
    • Healthy Homes Resource Program Informational Sheet
    • Lead Hazard Reduction Program Summary

    Lead Hazard Reduction Grant (LHR)The goal for the LHR grant is to identify and remediate lead-based paint in approximately 131 target housing units where children less than six years of age are at greatest risk of lead-poisoning (pre-1960 and especially pre-1940 construction). In combination with lead hazard control, other healthy homes hazards will be addressed in approximately 60 units

    Healthy Homes Production Grant (HHP)
    The  HHP funding will be used to address health and safety of approximately 126 units throughout the State of Indiana with priority given to privately owned, low-income rental and/or owner- occupied housing, especially in units and/or buildings where families with children, older adults sixty-two (62) years and older, or families with persons with disabilities reside in the State of Indiana.. A healthy homes assessment and radon test will be conducted for each unit. A lead inspection/risk assessment will be conducted for pre-1978 units where a child under the age of six resides.


    The HHWCD funding will be used in conjunction with the HHP funding in approximately 68 homes in Marion County to address health and safety hazards in the home which could prevent the home from being weatherized, particularly in cases where those hazards could also be asthma triggers. The program will then coordinate for the local Weatherization Assistance Program provider to complete an energy audit and recommended weatherization/energy efficiency work in the home.

    • Healthy Homes and Weatherization Cooperation Demonstration Grant  Work Plan
    • Healthy Homes and Weatherization Cooperation Demonstration Grant Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Opportunities and Resources for Contractors
  • Contacts

    To receive information on these programs, please contact our office at 317-232-7777 or via email at