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Important Notices - Producer & Adjuster Licensing Division (2018-2002)

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RESIDENT LICENSE REINSTATEMENTS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. Effective October 12, 2018, license reinstatements for individual resident producers and independent adjusters are now available online—making all Indiana resident and non-resident individual and business-entity license reinstatements available online. Producers and independent adjusters whose licenses have been expired for no more than twelve (12) months may submit license reinstatement applications and fees online through either www.nipr.com (by selecting “Renew”) or www.sircon.com/Indiana (by selecting “Renew your license”). Full resident individual producer reinstatement procedures are posted online at www.in.gov/idoi/2966.htm, and independent adjuster reinstatement procedures are posted online at www.in.gov/idoi/2729.htmPosted 10/12/2018

UPDATED CE COURSE APPLICATION AND EDUCATION ADVISORY COUNCIL MEETING NOTICE. The Continuing Education Course Approval Application has been updated clarifying that a Word Count must be provided for all Self-Study courses. Also, an updated 2018 Education Advisory Council Meeting Dates notice has been posted on the IDOI homepage. Posted 9/18/2018

NIPR NOTICES RE: OCTOBER RELEASES. Please see the following two NIPR notices regarding Indiana licensing updates that will be made effective on October 12, 2018:

  1. Indiana to Open Online Reinstatements for Resident License Classes and Prevent Partial Approvals (NIPR 9/6/2018)

  2. Indiana Updates Designated Responsible Licensed Producer (DRLP) mappings for business entity applicants (NIPR 9/12/2018) Posted 9/18/2018

CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP CLARIFICATION. A clarification has been added to the 10/17/2017 notice stating the following: "If a change of ownership causes a business entity Producer or Adjuster's legal name, alias/other name or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) to change, the entity must disclose the legal or alias/other name change via the IDOI Service Request Form (if only a name has changed) or, if the FEIN has changed, apply for a new license under the new FEIN and cancel the previous license through the Service Request Form." Posted 8/28/2018

IDOI AGENCY SERVICES ARTICLE. "The Indiana Department of Insurance's Agency Services Division Provides Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions (August 23, 2018)"

UPDATED EXAMINATION CONTENT OUTLINES. The following Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) licensing examination content outlines have been updated:

These outlines identify topics that must be taught in pre-licensing education (PLE) courses and are also tested on IDOI licensing examinations. The number of questions devoted to each topic on the exams are noted in the outlines. The “Revision History” at the end of each outline notes specific changes to each outline. The outlines should be used as the basis for developing new PLE programs and for submitting updated course materials and renewal applications for existing PLE programs.

The outlines were developed in conjunction with the P&C Exam Review and Item Writing Workshop held May 21-23 with P&C PLE providers, industry professionals, IDOI, PSI Services and Professional Testing, Inc. Posted 8/1/2018

UPDATED PUBLIC ADJUSTER EXAM CONTENT OUTLINE.  An updated Public Adjuster Examination Content Outline has been released, identifying topics that will be tested on the Public Adjuster Examination and the number of questions devoted to each topic. Both the outline and corresponding changes to the exam are effective July 17, 2018. The “Revision History” at the end of the outline notes the specific changes to the outline.

The outline was developed in conjunction with the Public Adjuster Exam Review & Item Writing Workshop held June 25-27 with industry professionals, IDOI, PSI Services and Professional Testing, Inc. Posted 7/17/2018

UPCOMING FLOOD INSURANCE WEBINARS. Please see the following notice regarding free flood insurance webinars for producers being presented by the National Flood Insurance Program on July 10 and 11, 2018. Each webinar is approved for two (2) hours of Indiana insurance producer continuing education. Posted 7/3/2018


ADDITIONAL LICENSE REINSTATEMENTS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. Effective June 7, 2018, license reinstatement applications for licenses that have been expired for twelve (12) months or less are now available online for the following license types: 

Entity Type

License Type


Resident Producer Organization


Portable Electronics Limited Lines Insurance


Self-Storage Insurance


Travel Insurance


Portable Electronics Limited Lines Insurance


Recovery Agent


Resident Consultant


Resident Independent Adjuster


Travel Insurance


Bail Agent

Licenses that have been expired for no more than twelve (12) months may submit license reinstatement applications and fees online through either www.nipr.com (by selecting “Renew”) or www.sircon.com/Indiana (by selecting “Renew your license”). A license may not be reinstated more than twelve (12) months after the license expiration date, and all initial/new license application requirements would need to be completed, including any relevant pre-licensing education, state exam and a new license application.

Licenses that are reinstated are effective as of the date the Department finds that the licensee has complied with all applicable reinstatement requirements. The licensee may be subject to additional penalties for conducting business under the license during the time the license was expired and before it was reinstated. Posted 6/13/2018

2018 LICENSING LEGISLATIVE UPDATES. See 2018 Legislation Affecting the Indiana Department of Insurance. Specifically, HEA 1406, effective July 1, 2018, provides that the Commissioner of Insurance shall place the license of an insurance producer, bail agent, or recovery agent on probationary status upon receiving an order from the Child Support Bureau indicating that the licensee has a child support payment delinquency. If the Commissioner does not receive notice from the Bureau that the delinquency has been addressed within twenty (20) days of the Commissioner’s notice to the licensee of the probationary status, the Commissioner shall suspend the license. Posted 5/3/2018

March 15 – Updates to Continuing Education (CE) Extension Request webpage and form, clarifying that a request for extension of time to complete Indiana CE requirements must be submitted to the Department at least thirty (30) days prior to the licensee’s license expiration date.

March 15 – Updates to the Continuing Education (CE) Exemption for Retired Insurance Producers webpage and form, clarifying that the exemption applies to Indiana CE requirements only. The exemption does not apply to, and therefore should not be requested for, a producer's CE requirements in another state.

February 5 – Updates to the requirements for transferring a resident license to Indiana from another state.  Effective January 11, 2018, an individual or business entity transferring a resident producer or adjuster license to Indiana that has an active non-resident producer or adjuster license in Indiana no longer needs to update addresses on the non-resident Indiana license or cancel the license before applying online for a new Indiana resident license.  The individual or business entity must still inactivate the previous resident license in the previous resident state before applying for an Indiana resident license (either by cancellation/voluntary surrender or conversion of the resident license to a non-resident license, depending on the state’s requirements).  The online Indiana resident application will now allow the individual or business entity to update the addresses with Indiana and, once approved, the active Indiana non-resident license will be inactivated and a new resident license issued.

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December 6 – Updates to Producer Licensing FAQs

October 17 – Pursuant to existing IDOI rules and procedures, any business entity Producer or Adjuster license does not require disclosure to IDOI of a change of employee, owner, officer, director or partner, unless the individual is the Designated Responsible Licensed Producer/Person (DRLP) on the business entity’s license.  Disclosures other than DRLP changes on a business entity Producer or Adjuster license will not be processed or kept on record by IDOI.  The business entity must only disclose an addition or termination of a DRLP, which must be done online through either the business entity’s AgencyEDGE account or at www.sircon.com/Indiana by selecting “Maintain your firm association.” [Added 8/28/2018] If a change of ownership causes a business entity Producer or Adjuster's legal name, alias/other name or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) to change, the entity must disclose the legal or alias/other name change via the IDOI Service Request Form (if only a name has changed) or, if the FEIN has changed, apply for a new license under the new FEIN and cancel the previous license through the Service Request FormNOTE: this notice does not apply to a Third-Party Administrator (TPA), Managing General Agency (MGA), Viatical Settlement Provider, Reinsurance Intermediary Manager, or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) license, but to a Producer or Adjuster license only. 

September 21 – An updated SERVICE REQUEST FORM and Producer Licensing FAQs have been published. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes of address, telephone, email, fax, or an addition or removal of a business entity’s Designated Responsible Licensed Producer (DRLP), are no longer done through the Service Request Form. Contact information must be updated online through www.nipr.com or www.sircon.com/Indiana. DRLPs must be maintained online through a business entity’s AgencyEDGE account or at www.sircon.com/Indiana by selecting “Maintain your firm association” on the left-hand side.

August 18 – An updated SERVICE REQUEST FORM has been published. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Letters of Clearance are no longer issued by the Indiana Department of Insurance. A change in license status with the state (e.g., a license cancellation/voluntary surrender) may be viewed online through the National Insurance Producer Registry.

August 16 – Updates to the Variable Life & Annuity Line of Authority webpage at www.in.gov/idoi/2750.htm, clarifying that if a producer becomes unregistered with a broker-dealer through FINRA or no longer licensed with a FINRA Series 6 or 7 license, the producer is no longer eligible to hold the Variable Life & Annuity line of authority in Indiana and must cancel the line of authority from the producer's license before renewing the license.  A line of authority may be cancelled through the IDOI SERVICE REQUEST FORM.  A producer may verify his or her registration/licensure with FINRA at brokercheck.finra.org

Online DRLP Association Maintenance Now Available. Effective August 11, 2017, a business entity licensed with the Indiana Department of Insurance may add or remove a Designated Responsible Licensed Producer (DRLP) associated with the business entity online at www.sircon.com/Indiana by selecting “Maintain your firm association” on the left-hand side of the page. DRLPs may also be maintained through a business entity’s AgencyEDGE account. A processing fee may apply for each transaction. It is the responsibility of the business entity to ensure that it has a proper DRLP listed with the Indiana Department of Insurance. posted August 11, 2017

August 9 – Updates to Producer Licensing FAQs

June 30 – An updated Continuing Education Provider Course Application has been posted online at www.in.gov/idoi/2454.htm. Also, an updated Temporary Emergency Independent Adjuster application ("CATLOSS Form #0711") has been posted online at www.in.gov/idoi/2740.htm

2017 LICENSING LEGISLATIVE UPDATES. See 2017 Legislation Affecting the Indiana Department of Insurance. Specifically, HEA 1318, effective July 1, 2017, provides that insurance producer education courses may cover sales, motivation, psychology, and time management. These topics will be listed on course applications and renewal applications under the course category “Professional Development.” Also, prospective continuing education (CE) providers may now electronically submit supporting materials for a course. HEA 1318 also provides that Independent Insurance Adjuster applicants renewing or reinstating a license are no longer required to submit Social Security numbers to IDOI. HEA 1137, effective July 1, 2017, decreases the Bail Agent renewal fee from $600 to $300. posted June 30, 2017

May 12 – Effective May 12, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. CDT (rather than May 16th as noted in March 30th notice), various retaliatory fees for non-resident license applications and renewals have been added or updated. A listing of non-resident retaliatory fees may be viewed at www.in.gov/idoi/2600.htm. The states where retaliatory fees were added include: District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Wyoming. States that have had one or more retaliatory fee updated include: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. All retaliatory fees for Illinois have remained the same.

March 30 – See NIPR NOTIFICATION re: Indiana Retaliatory Fee Update. Effective 4:00 p.m. CDT on Thursday, May 11th, 2017, processing of all Indiana Non-Resident Licensing and Renewal Gateway applications will be temporarily suspended to add and update various retaliatory fees. Any transactions submitted during this period will be declined until Gateway processing resumes on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017. Effective May 16th, 2017 Indiana will add and update various retaliatory fees for the non-resident licensing applications. The new and updated fees are separated by transaction type and license class.

March 23 – Updates to FAQs and guidelines on transferring a resident producer/agent license to Indiana from another state. IDOI no longer requires a Letter of Clearance from an agent's previous resident state to be submitted with a new resident license application, unless cancellation of the agent's previous resident license cannot be verified on the national online producer database.

March 16 An updated CE Provider Course Approval Application has been posted at www.in.gov/idoi/2454.htm.

March 13 Please join us in congratulating Chet Pietras, Deputy Commissioner of Agency Services, on his retirement.  Chet’s last day with the Department was March 10, 2017 after serving for 12 years as Deputy Commissioner.  Randall Evans, Director of the Title Division and Medical Malpractice Division, has been named as the new Deputy Commissioner of Agency Services.  A listing of Agency Services/Licensing contacts is available on the bottom of the Licensing home page.

February 24 – An updated Service Request Form has been posted.

Notice to Title and Ethics Continuing Education (CE) Course Providers:  When submitting new or renewal applications for Title or Ethics CE course approval, course providers must select the “Title” Course Category for the course to apply to Title CE requirements, and course providers must select the “Ethics” Course Category for the course to apply to Ethics CE requirements.  Producers will not receive credit for Title or Ethics CE if the appropriate Course Category is not selected. posted February 17, 2017

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HAPPY 200 YEARS, INDIANA! Please join IDOI in celebrating the Indiana Bicentennial by downloading the IDOI Bicentennial flyer, printing it out and sharing it with your friends, colleagues, and consumers. The flyer, as well as an infographic that can be linked to your website or social media pages, is available on the IDOI website at www.in.gov/idoi/3051.htm. posted October 18, 2016

HIP EMPLOYER LINK. The State of Indiana’s HIP Employer Link now provides premium assistance for low-income Hoosiers eligible for their employer’s insurance plan. More information can be found here: http://hipemployerlink.in.gov. posted October 18, 2016

August 10 - Added webpage showing licensing "retaliatory fees" charged to non-resident individuals and business entities residing in states that charge greater non-resident fees to residents of Indiana.

August 10 - Updates to Adjusters pages for Business Entities clarifying distinctions between Independent Adjuster and Public Adjuster requirements and making other modifications. 

August 10 - Updates to IDOI Licensing Division staff contact information. Contact information may be found at the bottom of the main Licensing webpage at www.in.gov/idoi/2446.htm

August 1 - FFM Agent and Broker registration and training for plan year 2017 is now available. See the announcement and further guidance on the CMS website here.

June 23 - CMS announced that plan year 2016 Federally-facilitated Marketplace (FFM) registration and training for agents and brokers closes on July 15, 2016 at 11:59 AM ET. Information on FFM registration and training for plan year 2017 is coming soon.

June 20 - See Bulletin 229 - "Form of Consulting Agreement for Use by Agents," and Producer Consulting FAQs

March 31 - Release of new license application and renewal processes and reporting requirements for Bail and Recovery Agents and Bail/Recovery Class Providers at http://in.gov/idoi/2491.htm. See the attached memo regarding the release.

March 24 - Updates to Request for Waiver of Pre-Licensing Education Requirement

March 8 - Updates to the ADA accommodations language under the Special Exam Considerations section at http://in.gov/idoi/2482.htm#6

February 25 - An updated Service Request Form and CE Extension Request Form were posted at http://in.gov/idoi/2450.htm

February 16 - Updates to Adjusters pages clarifying distinctions between Individual Independent Adjuster and Public Adjuster licensing requirements.

February 15 - Updates to Producer Licensing FAQs

February 4 - An updated "Continuing Education Exemption Form for Retired Insurance Producers and Solicitors" was posted at http://in.gov/idoi/2598.htm.

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October 30 - A new webpage was created at http://in.gov/idoi/2998.htm giving guidance on transferring a resident producer license from one state to another.

MARKETPLACE OPEN ENROLLMENT. As a reminder, FFM/healthcare.gov plan year 2016 agent and broker registration and training is now available in English and Spanish via the CMS Enterprise Portal at https://portal.cms.gov/ for Open Enrollment beginning November 1, 2015 and ending January 31, 2016. Agents and brokers must complete the annual registration process prior to assisting consumers in the Health Insurance Marketplace. If you have any questions, please visit the Agents and Brokers Resources webpage or email the FFM Producer and Assister Help Desk at FFMProducer-AssisterHelpDesk@cms.hhs.gov.

July 10 - Release of updated Accident & Health and Life, Accident & Health exam content outlines on http://www.in.gov/idoi/2480.htm. Updates were made to the exams and exam outlines to reflect changes in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). See "Revision History" at the bottom of each outline.

July 1 - DHS Producer License for Non-residents - Effective today, IC 27-1-15.6-8.2 provides for a non-resident DHS (Designated Home State) Producer license for non-resident individuals and business entities seeking licensure for a line of authority offered in Indiana that is not offered in their home state. See more information at: http://in.gov/idoi/2996.htm.

January 27 - APPROVAL OF HIP 2.0. If you are a Marketplace certified insurance agent, be aware that HIP 2.0 has been approved. Information to help you with this new program can be found at the following links: www.in.gov/fssa/hip/2461.htm and http://www.hip.in.gov/.

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The continuing education requirement for residents who hold licenses with life, health, variable life, and variable annuity qualifications has changed. Three (3) of the twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education must be related to ethical practices in the marketing and sale of life, health, or annuity insurance products.

For clarification, the legislative change in Indiana Code IC 27-1-15.7-2(a) is not intended to be imposed in the middle of a producer's renewal period and therefore producers will not be required to obtain the ethics requirement before they renew the next time. The ethics requirement applies to renewal periods that will start after July 2014. During this subsequent renewal period producers will need to complete this ethics requirement before the end of that renewal period.

We have not placed a specific completion date as Indiana producers are still transitioning to birth month renewals. Going forward the ethics requirement will be required as part of the twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education every renewal period. An insurance producer with qualifications in more than one line of authority will not be required to complete more than twenty-four (24) hours of credit to renew the license. IC 27-1-15.7-2(a) and (e). Producers taking three (3) hours of ethics as part of their CFP certification renewal will be compliant with this new requirement.

Continuing education providers of ethic courses should be reviewing their course content to ensure compliance with the legislative requirement. A syllabus will not be provided by the Department.


Bulletin 207 - Ethics Requirement for Producer Continuing Education (May 13, 2014)

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Role of Agent/Broker in Health Insurance Marketplace (CCIIO May 1, 2013) - Questions about registering on the Federally Facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace can be directed to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services' regional office at: 312-886-6432 or email ROCHIORA@cms.hhs.gov.

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Indiana to Charge Retaliatory Fees for Residents of CA, CT, MA and NJ (September 13, 2012)

2011 Summary of Legislative Changes for Producers (Feb. 2, 2012)

Changes to License Renewal Process for Producers/Birth Month Renewal (February 2, 2012)

Birth Month Conversion How To Guide (IDOI 2012)

Birth Month Conversion Chart (IDOI 2012)

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Notice to Illinois Non-Resident Producers of Increase in Licensing and Renewal Fees (September 9, 2011)

Temporary Emergency Adjuster Licensing Procedures (Effective July 1, 2011)

Bulletin 184 - Annuity and Variable Life & Annuity Licensing Changes (June 30, 2011)

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How to Update Your E-mail Address (Sircon 2010)

How to Look Up CE Courses (Sircon 2010)

How to Look Up CE Transcript (Sircon 2010)

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Bulletin 169 - Online Printing of Insurance Producer Licenses (April 1, 2009)

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Bulletin 160 - Producer Minimum Flood Training Requirements (February 12, 2008)

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Bulletin 157 - Personal Property and Casualty Fees (October 25, 2007)

Effective July 1, 2007:

  • Surplus Lines licenses change from a one-year license to a two-year license;
  • Resident applicants are no longer required to submit a Surplus Lines tax guarantee bond in the amount of $20,000; and
  • The license or application fee increased from twenty dollars ($20) to eighty dollars ($80) for resident producer/business entity applicants.

Bulletin 151 - Indiana Insurance Producer Pre-Licensing Education Materials Conditional Approval (June 19, 2007)

Bulletin 150 - Changes to the Indiana Producer Licensing Requirements (June 14, 2007)

Bulletin 146 - Indiana Insurance Producer Pre-licensing Course Content Outline (March 9, 2007)

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Bulletin 135 - Title Insurance License Requirements (December 6, 2005)

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Bulletin 108 - Reinstatement of Insurance Producer License (February 11, 2002)

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