Welcome to Rate Watch

Welcome to the Rate Watch filing database. Rate Watch is a web based application Hoosiers may use to access Accident and Health rate filings. This tool will allow you to review information regarding the premiums charged for your health insurance. The search form will enable you to determine if your health insurance company has recently submitted a filing.

There are three types of health insurance categories: Health, Long Term Care and Medicare Supplement. Health includes comprehensive major medical, dental and vision. As you type the name of your health insurance company in the Insurance Company field, a drop down box will appear. Choose the insurance company that holds your coverage. Searchable filings include those filed on or after May 1, 2010 as seen in the Date Range field.

If you are confused about an insurance term or need a more detail explanation of the application, try clicking the Common Insurance Terms or Rate Watch Explanation link that is located above. There is also a scrolling feature that displays a small popup with definitions for the terms used on Rate Watch. You may also select the comment button when viewing details of a filing that enables you to submit a confidential comment about a specific filing to IDOI.

If you have questions or issues with your insurance company, contact IDOI Consumer Services at 1-800-622-4461 or 317-232-2395, or you can file a complaint online located at http://www.in.gov/idoi/2552.htm.

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