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Supplier Resource Center

Bidder Opportunities may now be accessed on the Current Business Opportunities web page.

Response process instructions are available within the sourcing documents and addendums. Be aware, this is now a two-part submission process. The Submission Form referenced in the instructions are located within the Current Business Opportunities web page. Note the extended deadlines.

Bidder Registration and Bidder ID Number information is available at the Bidder Profile Registration page

"Thank you for your interest in doing business with the State of Indiana! We hope this Vendor and Supplier Resource Center will help you navigate the process and we look forward to a future business relationship with your company." - Erin Kellam, Deputy Commissioner, IDOA

Requirements to do Business with the State

Requirements to do Business with the State. Any company wanting to do business with the State of Indiana must register with the following state agencies: IDOA, AOS, SOS.
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How the State of Indiana Buys

The State of Indiana has different methods for purchasing products and services based on the estimated price of the project.
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Programs and Preferences

There are a number of programs and preferences that influence the design and evaluation of bids. These can have a large impact on the award of a contract.
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How to Respond to a Solicitation

It is important to follow the specific instructions provided in the individual solicitation packet. There are some requirements that apply to all solicitations.
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Solicitation Evaluation

Agencies will evaluate quotes of responsive bidders by reviewing specifications and other evaluation criteria that is defined in the solicitation.
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Find Current Bidding Opportunities

Some purchasing methods used by the State of Indiana will require solicitations. It is important to know where to watch for these opportunities and sign up for notifications.
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Award Recommendations

IDOA will make an award recommendation based on the evaluation of the RFP responses.
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After the Award

The proposal(s) that received an award recommendation may be selected for further action such as contract negotiations.
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Contract Process

Many State of Indiana agencies use the Supplier Contract Management (SCM) module for the contract process. With this module, contracts will be signed and tracked electronically.
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Supplier Responsibilities

Supplier Performance is monitored on all State contracts.
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Award Protests

A supplier may submit a formal protest regarding solicitation specifications or procedures by following the IDOA Protest Procurement Policy.
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Purchasing Terms and Definitions

The State of Indiana procurement process uses many acronyms and terms. Some of these are defined by Indiana Code and may not be used as the standard definition.
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