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Bidder Profile Registration

In order to participate in many State of Indiana procurement processes, businesses are required to have a Bidder Profile with the Indiana Department of Administration. The Bidder Profile creates a unique ID for businesses that is used for supplier diversity certifications and contract monitoring.

Completing and Managing Registration

Does your company have a Bidder Registration Number Already?

Check on the Registered Bidders List to see if your company is listed. The Name 1 is typically the legal name of the company/person. The Name 2 is typically a “doing business as” name.
Registered Bidders List

Bidder Registration Guide

This guide will walk you through the steps needed to complete the new bidder application or update an existing profile. All the resources you need to get this accomplished are available in this document.
Bidder Registration Guide

About UNSPSC and your Profile

UNSPSC (The United Nations Products and Services Code) is a hierarchical classification system the State of Indiana uses to categorize products and services we buy, and identify what bidders provide. This document will cover more information about UNSPSC and how to use them on your profile.
About UNSPSC and your Profile

Update a Bidder Profile

Use the Registration Update Form and complete the required fields, list the updates that need to be made in the Comments area and click Submit.

The system will send an acknowledgement of the update request. The appropriate update(s) will be made and only the Primary Contact will receive notice via email.

Registration Update Form

Create a new Bidder Profile

Follow the Bidder Registration Guide to complete the Bidder Registration Application.

The Primary Contact will receive a confirmation that your registration is complete.

Bidder Registration Application


Bidder Opportunities may now be accessed on the Current Business Opportunities web page.

Response process instructions are available within the sourcing documents and addendums. Be aware, this is now a two-part submission process. The Submission Form referenced in the instructions are located within the Current Business Opportunities web page. Note the extended deadlines.

Submit a Request for Assistance

If you run into a problem and need help, please follow the instructions to submit a Service Request in the Bidder Registration Guide.


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