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Current Business Opportunities

Bidder Opportunities may now be accessed on the Current Business Opportunities web page.

Response process instructions are available within the sourcing documents and addendums. Be aware, this is now a two-part submission process. The Submission Form referenced in the instructions are located within the Current Business Opportunities web page. Note the extended deadlines.

Bidder Registration and Bidder ID Number information is available at the Bidder Profile Registration page

All proposals must be submitted through a two-part process.  Both deadlines must be met for a response to be complete.  Part one, the Submission Form and associated attachments are due as set forth in the sourcing document. The date and time stamp generated by the State system indicating receipt of the Submission Form shall be considered the official time stamp for this RFP.  Proposals will be disqualified if the Submission Form is received after the expiration of the first deadline.  Part two, the receipt date for Proposals on Flash Drives, is due as set forth in the sourcing document. Proposals will be disqualified if Flash Drives are received after their deadline.

Procurement Submission Form

The managed long term services and supports (MLTSS) scope of work (SoW) excerpts are near-final drafts and the agency will be sharing detailed excerpts of the SoW in presentations beginning 3/30/22.  These excerpts have been assembled for the benefit of stakeholders who have supported the design of this program from the outset.  More information can be found at the link below.

Note the future program name (e.g., Hoosier Healthwise, Healthy Indiana Plan, Hoosier Care Connect, in the case of our three existing managed care programs, has not been determined at this time and is reflected in these excerpts as "[MLTSS Program Name]""

Event NameBusiness UnitEvent IDEvent TypeStart DateEnd Date
Payment Processing ServicesEarly Child Learning0000072266RFx07/13/2022 8:08:00AM EST08/17/2022 3:00:00PM EST
385-23-72033 Mobile Driving SimulatorHomeland Security0000072033RFx07/15/2022 10:00:00AM EST08/22/2022 2:00:00PM EST
385-23-72188 Burn TrailerHomeland Security0000072188RFx07/22/2022 1:30:00PM EST08/29/2022 2:00:00PM EST
Warewash and Laundry ChemicalsCorrectional Industries0000072543RFx08/09/2022 3:00:00PM EST09/08/2022 3:00:00PM EST
Risk-Based Managed Care LT Services and SupportsFSSA Medicaid Policy & Plan0000072118RFx06/30/2022 8:00:00AM EST09/19/2022 3:00:00PM EST
22-68206 Sport and Commercial Licensing SolutionNatural Resources0000068206RFx07/27/2022 8:02:00AM EST09/26/2022 3:00:00PM EST
Enrollment and Member ServicesFSSA Medicaid Policy & Plan0000072675RFx08/12/2022 9:00:00AM EST09/27/2022 3:00:00PM EST
RFP 23-68162 Document Destruction ServicesAdministration0000068162RFx08/08/2022 10:00:00AM EST10/03/2022 2:00:00PM EST
Pre-ETSFSSA Disability & Rehab Svcs0000072518RFx08/01/2022 12:22:02PM EST10/17/2022 12:22:00PM EST

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