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Geothermal Program

The State of Indiana offers a geothermal property tax deduction [DOCX] for owners and contract buyers of real property or personal property mobile/manufactured homes equipped with a geothermal heating or cooling device. In order to receive this deduction, taxpayers must file a completed Statement for Deduction of Assessed Valuation - State Form 18865 (available on the IDEM Agency Forms page), accompanied by proof of certification, with their county auditor’s office. Information concerning the various steps which must be followed in order to receive this deduction is available from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

Interested parties can access information concerning geothermal devices that have been certified by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management by visiting the agency’s Virtual File Cabinet and selecting “Document Search.” From there, follow these steps: click on the drop down menu for “Program” and choose “OWQ;” click on the drop down menu for “Document Type” and choose “Application;” click on the drop down menu for “Application Type” and choose “Geothermal Program;” click on “Search.”

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