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Air Permit Ownership Transfer or Company Name Change

A change in ownership or operational control of an existing permitted (or registered) source or a change to the company name on an existing permit (or registration) with no other change to the permit (or registration) requires an administrative amendment to the permit (or registration). The company designated on an existing permit or registration is referred to as the Permittee or Registrant, respectively.

For an ownership transfer application, the new owner should submit the application within 30-days after the effective date of the facility ownership transfer (after closing). All company information included on the application forms should correspond to the new owner, such as the new company’s name, billing address, authorized individual/responsible official (e.g., owner/president), and source contact.

To transfer ownership of an existing air permit or change the company name on an existing air permit, complete and submit a permit application for an administrative amendment, including:

  • Cover letter explaining that the previous owner has transferred ownership of the facility to the new owner and the date that the ownership transfer was effective
  • Air Permit Application Cover Sheet - 50639
  • GSD-01 Form

Referenced forms are available on the IDEM Agency Forms page.

Send one (1) signed hard copy of the original application packet by courier mail or hand delivery directly to IDEM’s Office of Air Quality (OAQ). Please do not send your air permit application to any other offices or individuals at IDEM, as this will delay receipt and processing of your application.

Applicant assistance and resources, including information concerning the application process are available.

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