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Air Permits in Indiana

Air permits are required for many businesses and industrial operations that have the potential to release waste gasses or particles into the air. An air permit includes all applicable federal and state air pollution regulations and requirements that are necessary to protect human health and the environment. This website is designed to connect you to basic information as well as useful resources. Use it to find:

List of Currently Permitted Sources: Updated 06/02/2022

IDEM's Office of Air Quality (OAQ) has prepared a list of currently permitted sources [XLSX] in Indiana. These sources are permitted to construct and/or operate under an air permit, Source Specific Operating Agreement (SSOA), Permit By Rule (PBR), Registration, or Exemption. This list will be updated at least once per quarter. Please note that some currently permitted sources may not have yet begun construction or operation, some may be under construction, some may not be operating, some may be temporarily closed, some may have been removed from the property, and some (i.e., portable sources) may have been relocated to a new property.

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