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Staff Testimonials

Get to know our staff! Hear current and former ICRC staff members discuss what they do and what brought them to the agency.

Current Staff

Ava Taylor, Public Outreach and Events Manager YouTube l .wmv

Marco Deckard, Employment Unit Director YouTube l .wmv

Melissa Deering, Intake Unit Director YouTube l .wmv

James Garrett, Executive Director, Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males YouTube l .wmv

Kristin Svyantek Garvey, Executive Director, Indiana Commission for Women YouTube l .wmv

Paula Barnett, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director YouTube l .wmv

Michael Johnson, REPACE Investigator YouTube 

Tammy Bibbs, Employment Investigator YouTube 

Darren Thomas, Communications Specialist YouTube 

Tawanda Sharp, REPACE Investigator YouTube 

Virginia Ocasio, REPACE Investigator YouTube 

Debra Bluitt, Employment Investigator YouTube 

Leah Ross, Employment Investigator YouTube 

Brad Shockney, Employment Investigator YouTube 

Phryll Thornton, Intake Specialist YouTube

Cindy Haynes, Intake Specialist YouTube

Fred Bremer, Staff Attorney YouTube

Michael Healy, Staff Attorney YouTube

Diane Graves, Mediator YouTube

Jonathon Gordon, Mediator YouTube

Noell Allen, Administrative Law Judge YouTube

Former Staff

Danny Lopez, Director of Education and Legislation YouTube l .wmv

Erin Certolic, Employment Investigator YouTube

Akia Haynes, Deputy Director YouTube 

Kiya James, Intake Specialist YouTube

Pam Cook, Chief Financial Officer YouTube 

Robert Lange, Administrative Law Judge YouTube l .wmv

Brad Meadows, Communications Manager YouTube l .wmv

Andrew Hess, Human Resources Director YouTube l .wmv

Henrietta Poindexter, REPACE Unit Director YouTube l .wmv

Joshua Brewster, Deputy Director YouTube l .wmv

News and FAQs

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