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ICRC Staff Listing

Executive Director

Gregory L. Wilson Sr., Executive Director

Deputy Director

Doneisha Posey, Deputy Director and General Counsel

Education and Public Outreach

Lisa Welch, Deputy Director of External Affairs
John Hawkins, Public Outreach Manager
Tyler Bracken, Communications Manager

Administrative Law Judge

Caroline Stephens Ryker, Administrative Law Judge
Anehita Eromosele, Docket Clerk

Chief Financial Officer

Pamella Cook, CFO

Legal Counsel

Fred Bremer, Attorney
Michael Healy, Attorney
Jordan Burton, Attorney

Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Naa Adoley Azu, ADR & Compliance Director
Diane Graves, Mediator

Intake and Case Management

Kimberly Simmons, Director
Phryll Thornton, Intake Specialist
Ryan Garrigus, Intake Specialist
Tera Kilgore, Intake Specialist 

Investigation Unit: Employment

L. Keisha Green, Director
Debra Bluitt, Employment Investigator/Mediator 
Tammy Bibbs, Employment Investigator
Annika Brown, Employment Investigator
Bradford Shockney, Employment Investigator

Investigation Unit: REPACE
(Real Estate, Public Accommodation, Credit and Education)

Melissa Deering, Director
Michael Johnson, REPACE Investigator
Tawanda Sharp, REPACE Investigator
Shawn Thomas, REPACE Investigator

Cultural Commissions

Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs (ICHLA)
Dolly Serrant, Director

Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males (ICSSBM)
James Garrett, Executive Director 

Indiana Commission for Women (ICW)
Attn: Lisa Welch, Deputy Director of External Affairs, lwelch@icrc.in.gov 

Indiana Native American/Indian Affairs Commission (INAIAC)
MeLissa Williams, Director

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