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Public Service Announcements


"Did You Know?" Pt.2 Education PSA YouTube

"Did You Know?" Pt.1 Education PSA YouTube

"Aaron" YouTube

"Basketball" YouTube

"Brown v. Board of Education" YouTube

"Burmese Advocacy Center" YouTube

"Discrimination Despair" YouTube

"Employment Doodle" YouTube

"Evil Hiring Manager" YouTube

"Garage Band" YouTube

"General Overview" YouTube

"House for Rent" YouTube

"School Choice Voucher Program" YouTube

"Stereotypes" YouTube

"The Twilight Zone" YouTube

"We Are All Hoosiers" YouTube

"Workplace Harassment" YouTube


"Brown vs. Board of Education" :60 sec. ENGLISH | :60 sec. SPANISH

"Disability" :30 sec.

"Discrimination Still Happens" :30 sec.

"Don't Be Skipped Over" :30 sec.

"Education" :30 sec.

"Employment" :30 sec.

"Fair Housing Month" :30 sec. ENGLISH | :30 sec. SPANISH

"Hiring Manager" :30 sec.

"Illegal Alien" :30 sec.

"It Shouldn't Be Like This" :30 sec.

"School Choice Voucher Program" :30 sec.

"Single Mother" :30 sec.

"The Joke" :30 sec.

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