Administrative Law Judge

John Burkhardt

Prior to his appointment, Judge Burkhardt served in multiple roles within the ICRC.  Formerly as Director of Compliance and Alternative Dispute Resolution, he served as compliance counsel to the agency, spearheaded a Compliance Unit, and provided counsel to the ADR unit.  Previously as an ICRC Investigator, he investigated numerous complaints of discrimination in violation the Indiana Civil Rights Law and the Indiana Fair Housing Act.  Before his tenure as Investigator, Mr. Burkhardt served in the Legal Division of the ICRC, working on discrimination complaints through their entire life-cycle.  During that time, he briefed cases before the ICRC ALJ and state courts, including the Indiana Supreme Court.  

He became a sought-after subject matter expert and speaker at numerous civil rights trainings and conferences across the state.  Judge Burkhardt continues appropriate community engagement in order to fulfill the agency’s mission of providing quality education to the public about the State’s civil rights laws. 

Judge Burkhardt received his Juris Doctor degree from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, and received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Indiana University.  He is admitted to the Indiana Bar.

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