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Public Accommodations

What is Public Accommodation Discrimination?

It is against the law for an individual to be denied access or to receive poor service or lesser quality accommodations because of his or her race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, and disability.

So then what does this mean in practical terms? This means that it is illegal to deny an individual full and equal access to the goods and services of restaurants, hotels and motels, gasoline stations, theaters and certain other public places of accommodations based solely on their being a member of one of the protected classes above.
  • What is a public accommodation?
    Under Indiana Law, a public accommodation is "any establishment that caters or offers its services or facilities or goods to the general public." IC 22-9-1-3(m)
    Most Indiana businesses, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, stores, and service centers would be considered a public accommodation. Parks and recreational facilities also qualify as public accommodations.
  • Are all public accommodations subject to these rules? 

    No. Certain private clubs and social organizations are permitted to discriminate in how they accept or deny members (under limited circumstances).

  • What to do if you think you've been the victim of Public Accommodation Discrimination:

    Call, write, visit, or fill out a complaint form online at within 180 days of the date in which the alleged act of discrimination occurred and describe the situation you feel was discriminatory. An experienced Intake Specialist will listen, advise and assist you accordingly.

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