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ICRC Girl Scouts Patch Program

Civil Rights Patch Program

On May 1st, 2020, the Indiana Civil Rights Commission launched its very own Civil Rights Patch Program with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. Our new partnership with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana not only allows ICRC to expand our education and outreach to thousands of more Hoosiers, but it also allows us to instill our mission and values into the minds of Hoosier youth. ICRC is taking this partnership and patch program as a giant leap toward our mission in an effort to eradicate discrimination and educate the public on their civil rights.

In August of 2022, ICRC launched a redesigned version of the patch program. The program was reintroduced to the Girl Scouts as a part of the "Make New Friends" August Program Kit. The program is filled with lessons on kindness, inclusion, and friendship. As girls journey through the Patch Program they will read a story of a young girl like them. They will learn about Civil Rights Leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and also have the opportunity to express their creativity through a hands-on activity. Over 1,000 Girl Scouts and their Troop Leaders took part in the new program.

"ICRC is thrilled to partner with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. This new Civil Rights Patch Program will help ICRC’s mission of educating the public and eradicating discrimination, but will also help build strong and bright future leaders.” – Greg Wilson, Executive Director, ICRC

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