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Forms Management

The Forms Management Division provides tailored, cost-effective forms management solutions to State government, while providing a uniform, centralized repository for citizens and constituents.

Forms Design creates forms and non-forms (envelopes, certificates, letterhead, brochures, report covers and many other items).

Specification writing tells the printer the size, type of paper and ink, number of plies, directions for security, how to print, how to package and much more.

Forms Research ensures the correct revision is being used or printed, and notes if there are other forms available that serve the same purpose, thereby preventing overlap and waste.

Forms Analysis ensures legal compliance and cost effectiveness. The Analyst determines if the form must be approved by the State Board of Accounts, the Auditor of State or is covered by State statute and requires "special handling." Analysts suggest changes that may impact the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the form.

Quality Assurance protects the agency by monitoring all print jobs done by Central Printing, PEN Products or outside vendors.

For information about filling out or submitting a specific State form, or finding the correct form to use, contact the Forms Coordinator for the agency that owns the form in question. (The agency to which you will be submitting the completed form.) Unfortunately, IARA cannot help with this, as we don't have that information.

For assistance with CREATION of State forms, call 317-232-3380 and ask for:

  • Forms Analysis - for help with legal or technical requirements of creating and printing State forms
  • Forms Design - for requesting original design or revision of State forms from Forms Management staff
  • Electronic/Digital Forms - for help with creating and revising electronic versions of State forms