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Imaging & Microfilm Services

The State Imaging and Microfilm Laboratory provides cost-effective imaging and microfilming services to State government pursuant to standards adopted by the State of Indiana.

Image: microfilm Microfilm past and present Indiana government records for the future. The laboratory will microfilm your records to the highest quality standards. Using standards prescribed by 60 IAC 2 and the Indiana Rules of Court, Administrative Rule 6 for permanent preservation. This rule provides the parameters for density and resolution, and the specific targets that are required for every roll of film. The State Imaging and Microfilm Laboratory follows this rule to ensure that the documents that are filmed today will be accessible up to 500 years from now.


Scanning and Digital Services

For those who require preservation of permanent records along with the ease of accessibility of a CD,  our paper document scanners have the capability of scanning 60,000 plus images per day. All documents are scanned into a TIFF Group IV format. We create a “batch” file, and all the documents within the file are placed into the batch. When accessing the file from the CD, the user simply opens the needed batch file and views the documents within the batch.  All permanent records scanned will meet all State Standards for preservation as outlined in the Oversight Committee on Public Records and Indiana Administrative Rules.

We are able to convert non-archival paper documents to digital TIFF Group IV images. Several options remain:

  1. For short term needs, images can be written directly to CD.
  2. For longer storage, it is recommended that images be written to film via our Archive Writers.

Traditional Microfilming Services: 16mm and 35mm Cameras

16mm: All standard documents, from business card to legal size, can be filmed on 16mm film. Each roll will hold approximately 2500 images. The pricing for each roll includes film, filming, processing, duplication, acid free and kraft storage boxes, and spool.

35mm: Larger documents, including books, newspapers, and blueprints must be filmed on 35mm film. Each roll will hold approximately 500 images (depending on the size of the document). The pricing for each roll includes film, filming, processing, duplication, acid free and kraft storage boxes, and spool.

  1. Processing: We have an in-house processor that allows us to process both 16mm and 35mm films. We run control strips on the processor daily to ensure that it is set consistently. Each roll is processed and inspected for density, resolution and the required targets.
  2. Duplication: We offer duplication of both 16mm and 35mm films on either diazo or vesicular film.
  3. Cartridge loading of 16mm film.

* All master film will be stored in the Archives and Records Administration climate-controlled vault at the Indiana State Archives at no additional cost.

Computer Output Microfilm (COM)

A preservation and cost-saving solution for long-term electronic records. COM services available upon request.


For questions, please contact the State Imaging and Microfilm Laboratory at:

Phone: 317-232-3381
E-mail: imaging@iara.IN.gov

State Imaging and Microfilm Laboratory
Indiana Archives and Records Administration
100 N. Senate Avenue, Room N055
Indianapolis, IN 46204