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TTS Community of Practice

What is a Tobacco Treatment Specialist?TTS - Community of Practice

Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) is a professional who possesses the skills, knowledge, and training to provide effective, evidence-based interventions for tobacco dependence across a range of intensities.

A TTS may work in a variety of settings, including but not limited to, hospitals, community health centers, mental health facilities, substance use treatment facilities, medical and dental practices, educational settings, social service agencies, tobacco treatment centers, and telephone quitlines.

Please visit the Council for Tobacco Treatment Training Programs for more information about accredited TTS training programs available.

What is the “TTS Community of Practice”?

The TTS Community of Practice (CoP) formed as a collaborative partnership.

rethink tobacco indiana

The purpose of this community of practice is to further the work of the Indiana Department of Health’s tobacco control strategic plan by:

  • Creating a space to engage with TTS’ around the state to share ideas and best practices
  • Present and receive input on case studies
  • Discuss current barriers to treatment and strategies for mitigation
  • Share resources and educational events and trainings

Who can participate in the TTS CoP?Provider Team and Patient

Trained tobacco treatment specialists, allies, and partners committed to reducing the high tobacco use prevalence in Indiana are encouraged to participate.

If you are interested in participating in the TTS CoP bi-monthly calls, please contact one of the below co-facilitators to receive call information.

Archived TTS CoP calls

All calls are recorded as patient health information is not disclosed.\