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Nurse Aide Training Programs

IMPORTANT NOTE - 2/03/2023

The IDOH is aware of the concerns regarding COVID-19 and the limited access training entities have for students to complete their clinical instruction. Although the IDOH strongly encourages Nurse Aide students to experience as much of their clinical instruction as possible in an approved clinical facility, we understand this may not always be attainable and therefore, the IDOH has increased the number of clinical hours allowed in the lab setting. This is not a requirement! Training programs can continue to use their current method of clinical instruction, however, if a training entity chooses to use this option, the breakdown would be as follows:

A minimum of 32 of the required 75 hours of clinical instruction must be completed in a licensed nursing home approved by the IDOH. The remaining 43 of the required 75 hours of clinical instruction can be completed in the following settings:

  • Simulated lab
  • Licensed nursing home that has been approved by the IDOH
  • Licensed Assisted living facility that has been approved by the IDOH – maximum of 20 hours permitted.

All clinical instruction must be provided under the supervision of a licensed registered nurse or practical nurse. Clinical hour documentation must distinguish between clinical site, lab and hours completed in Assisted Living if applicable. Documentation must include dates, time frames, and RCPs completed with student’s and instructor’s signatures for each day.

Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP)

All training programs must be approved by the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH). Health care facilities and independent entities may apply to operate a training program. All training programs are approved based on compliance with federal regulations, state rules and administrative standards. In addition, all programs are expected to utilize the Indiana Nurse Aide Curriculum which establishes the minimum course standards.  Any questions regarding NATCEP application or approval can be sent to

Federal Laws and Regulations

State Laws and Rules

NATCEP Program Director and Delegated Instructor

All NATCEP Program Directors (PD) and Delegated Instructors (DI) must meet all the requirements from NATCEP Administrative Standard #1. Standard #1 included the completion of a Train-the-Trainer course. Train-the-Trainer courses are provided by:

Please send questions to

Nurse Aide Training Program Curriculum

The IDOH is responsible for providing oversight of all Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP). The nurse aide training program must consist of a minimum of 30 hours of a traditional classroom or online equivalent instruction and 75 hours of clinical instruction. The nurse aide training program curriculum establishes the minimum course standards. This curriculum is organized into thirty (30) lessons.  Each lesson provides objectives, terms, content, resident care procedures (RCPs) and review questions. All approved nurse aide training programs must include this content as part of their program.

Indiana Nurse Aide Curriculum (Updated 3/21/2014)
Lessons 2 & 30 updated

Approval to Conduct a Nurse Aide Training Program

The IDOH must approve all programs prior to conducting nurse aide training. The initial approval process requires the submission of an application and additional documentation. The IDOH reviews this information and grants approval. No nurse aide training can be done until approval is obtained.

Entities that can apply for approval:

  • long-term care facility,
  • vocational, career or academic institute, or
  • independent/corporate companies

Information to be submitted to

  • Completed Application to Operate a Nurse Aide Training Program
  • Additional requirements:
    • Pictures of classroom & clinical lab with supplies/ equipment
    • Clinical site agreement
    • Form(s) for classroom time record, clinical time record, certificate of completion
    • List of items that will be included in each Student File
    • Final exam
    • Supply list – signed & dated as available - SEE FORMS
    • Classroom lesson plan with day, timeframes, and content to be completed, including Core Curriculum lessons, RCPs, videos, YouTube, textbooks, handouts and any other resources
    • Student pre-admission math/reading assessment/ test