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Monthly Summary Reporting

Monthly Summary Report (MSR)

All Birthing Facilities and Midwives in the state of Indiana are required by law to submit timely and accurate Monthly Summary Reports (MSRs) to the IDOH GNBS Program. These reports allow for timely follow-up of infants to ensure all infants receive timely newborn screening.

MSR's are due for all birthing facilities, birthing centers, and midwives by 5pm EST on the 15th of each month.

MSRs must be completed and submitted electronically through the INSTEP application in Gateway. INSTEP allows birthing facilities and midwives to electronically submit their monthly live birth totals, exceptions to newborn screening (religious refusals and other exceptions), number of newborns transferred to another facility before screening occurred, and the total number of newborns screenings completed each month. This information allows the GNBS program to fulfill their responsibility of ensuring each newborn born in the state of Indiana receives timely newborn screening.

Fill out the INSTEP Access Request Form and submit to the GNBS Program to gain access to INSTEP.

NOTICE TO PULSE OXIMETRY MSR SUBMITTERS - Changes to the monthly summary reporting (MSR) of pulse oximetry was implemented on 07/01/2021. This included the removal of the NICU exception type. All newborns admitted to a NICU are still required to receive newborn pulse oximetry screening between 24-48 hours after birth unless they fall under one of the below exception types, or if performing the screen would interfere with life-saving measures:

  • Transfer Out Without Screen

    Use when infant transfers OUT of your facility before passing their pulse oximetry screen.

  • Supplemental Oxygen/Respiratory Support

    Use when infant is on supplemental O2.

  • Deceased/Hospice Care

    Use when infant is deceased or discharged to hospice.

  • Finally Screened  

    Use when infant transfers INTO your facility and finally passes their pulse oximetry screen.

  • Religious Refusal

    Use when infant does not receive pulse oximetry for religious reasons.

  • Discharged HOME Without Pulse Oximetry Screen

    Use in an emergent situation when infant did not receive pulse oximetry prior to being discharged home. Immediately call GNBS at 1-888-815-0006 after submitting the exception.

  • Prenatally Diagnosed with CCHD

    Use when infant had a prenatal diagnosis of CCHD and has a care plan or intervention established.

MSR Educational Resources:

If you are unable to access the online INSTEP application, reporting may be accepted in a hardcopy format until your electronic access is available. To submit a hardcopy MSR, please find the reports listed below, write-in the information, and submit via fax to 317-234-2995 or scan in and email

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention(EHDI) Program

Hearing screen MSRs are to be submitted to IDOH through the EARS application. Please visit the EHDI website for more information about hearing screen MSRs.

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