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BDS Waiver Redesign

In April 2019, Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services kicked off the Bureau of Disabilities Services’ waiver redesign project in coordination and collaboration with stakeholders, and our contracted partner Human Services Research Institute. The waiver redesign project is a multi-year process to modernize and improve the services and supports array for home- and community-based services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


The following have been approved by CMS and will take effect July 1, 2024

Waiver transition plan and updates

In September 2022, FSSA announced two HCBS waivers, the Traumatic Brain Injury waiver and the Aged & Disabled) waiver (for individuals ages 59 and under), will transition oversight from the Division of Aging to the Division of Disabilities and Rehabilitative Services. The plan has not changed for coverage of A&D waiver members ages 60 and over via FSSA's MLTSS plan in 2024. This is part of an effort to enhance the delivery of services to our members. Transition work is in the planning stages, and currently all waiver members will continue to receive services exactly as they do today. More information is available in the following FAQs:



Stakeholder feedback

BDS thanks all stakeholders for their time to provide valuable and informative feedback as we move this process. To submit direct feedback or input about the waiver transition plan, please email and check back for additional opportunities that may arise in the future.