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FSSA Organizational Directory

If you know the name of the person you wish to reach: State of Indiana telephone/ email directory

FSSA Quick Links

Division of Family Resources Receives applications and approves eligibility for Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the cash assistance program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. 800-403-0864
Division of Aging The Division of Aging supports the development of alternatives to nursing home care and coordinates services through a network of Area Agencies on Aging. 888-673-0002
Division of Disability and RehabilitationAdministers a variety of programs to assist children and adults with disabilities. 800-545-7763
Division of Mental Health and Addiction Collaborates with a network of mental health care providers. DMHA operates six psychiatric hospitals and funds addiction prevention and treatment programs. 317-232-7800
Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning Administers health coverage programs including the Healthy Indiana Plan and other Indiana Medicaid programs. 317-233-4455
Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning Oversees early child care, early education and out-of-school time programs. 877-511-1144
Family and Social Services Administration Office of the Secretary and general information 317-233-4454

Written correspondence may be sent to:

Indiana Family and Social Services Administration
402 W. Washington Street P.O. Box 7083
Indianapolis, IN 46207-7083

For all FSSA public records requests, pursuant to IC 5-14-3-1 please email fssa.apra@fssa.in.gov

FSSA Programs and Services

FSSA Office of the Secretary

FSSA Care Programs


Sullivan, Jennifer, MD, MPH Secretary 317-233-4690
Gargano, Michael Deputy Secretary and Chief of Staff 317-233-4690
Bowling, Paul Chief Financial Officer 317-233-4451
Lane, Rachel Chief Transformation Officer Cell: 317-358-3416
Rusyniak, Dan Chief Medical Officer 317-233-7447
Welch, Peggy Chief Advocacy Officer 812-325-7555
Gilbert, Amy Chief Science Officer 317-234-4382
Merritt, Breanca, Ph.D. Chief Health Equity and ADA Officer 317-601-6164
Marshall, Cate Executive Assistant to the Secretary 317-233-4690
Worrall, Christina Administrative Assistant / Receptionist 317-233-4454
Simpson, Janet Administrative Assistant 317-232-5498
FAX FAX for executive office staff only 317-233-4693
FAX FAX for Division of Family Resources case information 800-403-0864

Audit Services

Cowan, Laura, CPA, CFE, CGFM, CCEPChief Audit Executive 317-232-6859
Collins, Jeff Audit Manager 317-234-1005
Deimling, MattAudit Manager317-234-4215
Knowles, RobinAudit Manager317-232-1219

FSSA Contract Management

McAloon, Greg Director, Contract Management 317-234-6814
Carlock, Connie Administrative Assistant 317-233-1580
Moe, Alexis Contract Manager 317-232-7940
Sargent, Michael Contract Manager 317-234-7807
Stenger, Greg Contract Manager 317-234-0564
Ahnafield, Heather Contract Manager 317-234-7890

FSSA Finance

Nelson, David Agency Controller 317-233-3045
Robinson, Tammie Director, Accounting Operations 317-233-4725
Hadley, Eric Director, Federal Funds 317-232-7088
Blake, Scott Director, Administrative Services 317-232-6835
Potter, Joshua Controller, Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services 317-234-3189
Gale, Steven Controller, Division of Aging 317-232-7133
Eustace, Kevin Controller, Division of Family Resources 317-233-1925
Kinsworthy-Blye, Dhiann Controller, Division of Mental Health and Addiction 317-232-7862
Melton, Leslie Controller, Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning 317-233-6524

Data and Analytics

Norwood, PhD, Connor Chief Data Officer 317-234-1380
Maxey, Chris Senior Manager, Reporting & Analytics 317-233-0587
Wiley, Jon M (Mark) Data Acquisition 317-232-4308
McFarlane, Tim Deputy Director, Data Science & Analytics 317-232-7309
Simpson, Janet Administrative Coordinator, Data & Analytics 317-232-5498
Bennett, Merih Medicaid Data Engagement Manager 317-220-1318

Privacy and Security

McCullough, Cliff Chief Privacy & Security Officer 317-232-4732

Information Technology/Programming Services

Linder, Jared Chief Information Officer 317-234-6998
Nair, Sunil Senior Manager, Eligibility Applications 317-619-8976
Needler, Dan Senior Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) Strategies 317-234-0602

Physical Plant Operations

Slocum, Caleb Manager (Facility, Fleet, Logistics, Disposition, Safety/Security and Disaster Planning) 317-232-4720
Bland, Marisa Forms and Records 317-232-0602
Johnes, David Fleet, Disposition and Facilities 317-232-4520

Disability Determination Bureau

Program Office General Information 1-800-622-4968
Social Security Administration Apply for Services 1-800-772-1213
Disability Determination Bureau Obtain Status on a Pending Claim 1-800-622-4968

FSSA Human Resources

Stuckey, Teresa HR Business Partner, Division of Family Resources 317-232-7929
Kovacs, Janalee HR Business Partner, FSSA Central Office Operations 317-232-1235
Gibson, Michele HR Business Partner, DMHA and the State Hospitals 317-232-1512
White-Knartzer, Kathleen HR Business Partner, OMPP, Aging and DDRS 317-234-8607
Brennan, Stephen HR Generalist 317-232-1525
Scott, Kathy HR Associate 317-232-1814

Legislative Services

Habig, William (Gus) Senior Policy and Legislative Director 317-232-1164
Smith, Hamilton Legislative Coordinator 317-232-1149

FSSA Office of Communications and Media

Gavin, James (Jim) Director, Communications & Media 317-234-0197
Lemons, Marni Deputy Director, Communications & Media 317-234-5287
Williams, Ted Communications Technology/Electronic Media 317-234-4199
Chinn, Vicki Webmaster 317-232-7827
Parker, Vicki Constituent Services 317-233-2202
Runkle, Tyson Communications Manager 317-232-1354
Severson, Ken Communications Manager 317-234-7918
Brumfield, Laquana Constituent Services 317-232-4701

Office of General Counsel

Huckleberry, Leslie Attorney at Law, General Counsel 317-232-1246
Higgins, Latosha Attorney at Law, Managing Attorney and Ethics Officer 317-232-0246
Martin, WilliamAttorney at Law, General Counsel317-232-8208
McQueen, Erin Attorney at Law, Deputy General Counsel 317-232-1245
Seidman, Doug Attorney at Law, Contracts & Leasing Management 317-232-1684
Hoskins, Wendell Chief of Investigations 317-234-1604

FSSA Care Programs

Division of Aging

Renner, Sarah Director, Division of Aging 317-232-7123
Wyatt, Jesse Deputy Director 317-232-0604
Nine-Altevogt, Cathleen Director Adult Protective Services 317-232-7148
Bailey, Patti Operations Manager 317-232-1731
Gale, Steven Controller 317-232-7133
Clough, Lynn State Long Term Care Ombudsman 317-234-5544

Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services

Program Office General Information 800-545-7763 (Toll Free)
Opsahl, Kim Director, DDRS 317-232-1147
Smith, Pashun Executive Assistant 317-232-1147
Vacant Deputy Director 317-233-8777
Potter, Joshua Controller 317-233-3735

Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

Program Office General Information 877-241-8144
Koleszar, Theresa Director, BRS 317-232-1432
Sharp-Byrnes, Shanida Director, Policy and Due Process 317-232-2764
Downing, Brittny BRS Associate Director 317-419-1616
Phillips, Locket Manager, Blind and Visually Impaired Service 317-232-1441
Russell, Jeff Director, Vocational Rehabilitation Services Operations 317-234-8911
Blankenship, Kristina Director, VR Business and Community Engagement 317-650-9828
Bates, Virginia BRS, Director of Program Improvement 317-232-4713
Kraeszig, Jonathan Director, Youth Services 317-232-1964
DeQuis, Kim Region Manager, VR Region 1 877-847-9897
Snedigar, Rheonna Region Manager, VR Region 2 877-715-3171
Reed, Janet Region Manager, VR Region 3 877-715-5296
Hudson, TeresaRegion Manager, VR Region 4877-847-9893
Schaefer, Michelle Region Manager, VR Region 5 877-715-5299
Marcum, Rhonda Manager, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services 317-542-3449

Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services

BDDS HelplineBQIS.Help@FSSA.IN.gov 800-545-7763 (Toll Free)
Robinson, Cathy Director 317-234-4736
Sullivan, Scott Director, Field Operations 317-232-2034
Wimsatt, Holly Director, Client Services 812-530-9566
Kaufman, Kelly Director, Operations 317-232-2699
Dane, HeatherDirector, Home- and Community-Based Services317-233-7420
Kimmel, KiraDirector,  Facility-Based Services317-234-5815
VanWicklin, John Assistant Director 317-233-3395
Rodway, Matt BDDS Ombudsman 317-503-1217

Bureau of Quality Improvement Services

BQIS Helpline BQIS.Help@FSSA.IN.gov 
BQIS online complainthttps://apricot.socialsolutions.com/document/edit/id/new/form_id/113 
Complaint Line   800-545-7763
Harlan-York, Jessica Director, BQIS 317-234-1147
Thomas, Shelly Assistant Director, BQIS 317-234-2764
Lawrence, Geena Director, DDRS Provider Services 317-234-6837
Vacant Quality Assurance Program Manager, BQIS 317-232-2662

Bureau of Child Development Services - First Steps

First Steps State Office  800-545-7763
Commons,Christina Director, BCDS – First Steps 317-234-1142
Tomasino, JessicaAssistant Director317-982-0718
Smith, Meghan Policy and Due Process Manager 317-234-6516
McCall, Maggie Data and Quality Assurance Manager 317-232-2027
Young, Constance Outreach and Training Manager 317-234-2177
Tarter, Sondra Program Services Manager 317-232-7479

Division of Family Resources

Eligibility Services Apply for benefits for SNAP (food assistance), TANF (cash assistance), IMPACT (job training) and Medicaid (health coverage) 800-403-0864 (Toll Free, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. local time)
EBT Customer Service Report an EBT (Hoosier Works card) lost or stolen (call immediately), or to report a card is damaged, to select or change a PIN, to check an account balance, or for questions or help with a card. 877-768-5098 (Toll Free, 24/7)
DFR County Offices Contact information is listed online for each DFR county office, or call the number listed to apply for or manage your SNAP, TANF, IMPACT and Medicaid benefits. 800-403-0864 (Toll Free, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. local time)

DFR Central Office

Shields, Adrienne Director 317-234-2373
Smalley, David Deputy Director, Policy 317-232-2010
Beam, Sunshine Deputy Director, Operations 317-234-8697
Eustace, Kevin Controller 317-232-7133
Hewett, Timothy Quality Control Manager 317-232-4498
Hunter, Katie Eligibility Program Manager 317-234-8920
Prezzy, Monique Manager of Training 317-234-4766
Carter, Michael Contract Compliance Manager 317-234-9533
Stenger, Gregory Divisional Contracts Manager 317-234-0564
Holliday, Jasmine Policy Information (SNAP, TANF, and IMPACT) 317-232-4907

Indiana 211

Morse, Tara Director 317-234-8966

Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning – Head Start State Collaboration Office

Program Office General Information 877-511-1144
Norvell, Nicole Director, Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning 317-234-3313
Withers, Rene Deputy Director, Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning 317-234-8960

Division of Mental Health and Addiction

General Information   317-232-7800
Chaudhary, Jay Director 317-232-7860
Halleck, Rachel Deputy Director / Chief of Staff 317-232-7852
Cook, Terry Deputy Director, Adult Mental Health 317-232-4913
Blackmon, Sirrilla Deputy Director, Prevention and Youth Services 317-232-7843
Buhner, Rebecca Deputy Director, Addiction Services 317-232-7935
Harrold, Wendy Deputy Director, Provider Quality and Performance 317-232-7824
Norris, KatrinaExecutive Director Indiana State Psychiatric Hospital Network765-935-9292
Carey, KoryDeputy Director of Policy and Division Collaboration317-412-5294

State Psychiatric Hospitals

Oliver, Carlene Superintendent, Evansville Psych. Children's Ctr. 812-477-6436
Schadler, Gene Superintendent, Evansville State Hospital 812-469-6800 ext. 4951
Clift, PatriciaInterim Superintendent, NeuroDiagnostic Institute 317-941-4000 ext. 4080
Grostefon, Greg Superintendent, Logansport State Hospital 574-722-4141
Severson, Pam Superintendent, Madison State Hospital 812-265-2611
Norris, Katrina Executive Director Indiana State Psychiatric Network 765-935-9292


Ferry, Mike Assistant Deputy Director, Community and Hospital Contract Accountability and Resource Allocation 317-232-7839
Patel, Lipsa Financial Analyst 317-233-3319

Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning

Program Office General information 317-233-4455
Medicaid Member Fraud FSSA Bureau of Investigations hotline 800-403-0864,
option 5
Medicaid Provider Fraud Program integrity hotline 800-457-4515,
option 2
Taylor, Allison Medicaid Director 317-233-4455
Dodson, Laura Executive Assistant to the Medicaid Director 317-234-8946
Lux-Kleman, Lindsey Chief of Staff & Deputy Director, Strategy 317-232-4354
Angel, NatalieDeputy Director, Operations 317-234-5547
Donerson, Laura Division Administrative Assistant 317-233-9913
Cook, Michael Director, Provider Services Section 317-232-7050
Darby, ElizabethDirector Organizational & Vendor Management317-447-2672
Edwards, Meredith Director, Quality and Outcomes Section 317-234-5780
Finnell. Maria, MDDirector of Clinical Operations & Associate Medical Director317-234-1306
Gross-Teague, Breann Director, Policy and Program Development Section 317-234-6143
Hilliker, Amelia Director, Program Integrity Section 317-234-2129
Leonard, Kathleen Director, Reimbursement Section and Actuary 317-233-9282
Spinner, Nonis Director, Eligibility Section 317-232-4966
Shin, James, PharmD Director, Pharmacy Section 317-234-3635
Todd, AngelaDirector, Healthy Indiana Plan317-234-8030
Zerr, Dr. Ann Medical Director 317-234-2407
Children's Health Insurance Program help CHIP 800-889-9949