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Hoosier Women Veteran Statistics

Over 33,000 women veterans reside in Indiana. They served in every war period, including World War II, and 1,087 of them are military retirees. Today, there are 2,335 women on active duty (most current information is as of 30 November 2011), not including those serving in the Indiana National Guard or who are members of a Reserve unit.

Women veterans often are unaware of the benefits and services available to them.  This section is devoted to providing resources for women veterans and their friends and families.  Some resources refer to federal benefits and services available through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  Other benefits and facilities are specific to the State of Indiana and require Indiana residency to qualify.  Also included are resources in Indiana communities which may be of interest to all women.

If you know of resources not listed in this Home Page, please contact IDVA at 317-232-3910.  You may also fax your information to 317-232-7721.

Register or update your current registry information.

Ladies, please register yourself as a Hoosier Woman Veteran.  The purpose of the registry is to serve as an informational bridge to connect women veterans to the numerous resources and benefits that are available and that you are entitled to.  The registry is strictly confidential and used only as a link of information among the Hoosier women veteran population.  We currently have over 750 women who are registered.

Hoosier Women Veterans Registry

You may email, fax, or mail your completed form to:

Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs
777 North Meridian Street, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-232-3910
Fax: 317-232-7721 


Connect With Other Women Veterans

Women of Indiana Who Are Veterans (Facebook Page)
National Association of State Women Veteran Coordinators (Facebook Page)

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