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Therapeutic Riding Center of Steuben County Inc

Ralph Emrick
8952 W. 150 N.
(260) 829-6519

The Therapeutic Riding Center of Steuben County provides therapeutic riding sessions for individuals with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges. We offer certified instructors, a staff of trained volunteers, and a quiet herd of trained horses to facilitate sessions at our heated, indoor facility. Our instructors work with clients, their families, and their care providers to design individualized therapy programs that are specific to each client's goals. Documented benefits of therapeutic riding include: increased muscle strength and tone, improved confidence and self-esteem, and increased balance, mobility, and range of motion. Clients are encouraged to interact with the horse by riding or by grooming to an extent they are comfortable. This engagement builds connections with the horse and volunteers in a welcoming and non-clinical setting. Building confidence with the horses and the activities at the center translates into skills that can be used in everyday life. The center is dedicating to helping each client achieve their long-term goals.

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