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The Indiana Soldiers & Sailors Children's Home

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  • Current: The Indiana Soldiers & Sailors Children's Home

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home (ISSCH), which was located in Knightstown, Indiana, provided for the care and education of the children of veterans and members of the active Armed Forces. The Home was closed with the graduating class of 2009, however, former residents of the Home, including those students who attended Morton Memorial High School at the Home, are still able to take advantage of the Indiana Remission of Fees (ROF) program at any state-supported college or university. Eligible persons should complete the ROF application for former students of the ISSCH located on our "Forms" page.

Assistance with Book Fees:

Former residents and students can receive assistance with book fees from a special fund which was set up at the Home. The ROF application has a special page on which to request the book fee reimbursement. Students should remember, though, that they can only be reimbursed up to $600 per semester for the book fees.

In-State Residency:

Attendance at state-supported colleges or universities while using the Remission of Fees program usually requires that the student is considered by the institution to be an in-state student. However, there are some exceptions. Western Governor's University (WGU), Ivy Tech and some Purdue online courses do not require student in-state residency, only the in-state residency of the veteran sponsor. All online students at these schools will be considered to be in-state students for the tuition rate.

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