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Peddlers, Vendors, or Hawkers License

IC 25-25-2-1 Veterans; right to license without fee

Sec. 1. (a) This section applies to:

(1) any veteran described in IC 10-17-5-2 or IC 10-17-5-1; or

(2) any other veteran to whom this chapter applies because of the provisions of any

other statute;

who holds an honorable discharge from such service issued by the proper authorities. Such

a person shall be entitled to a license to vend, hawk, and peddle goods, wares, fruits, and

merchandise in any county, city, or town in Indiana without the payment of any fee for the

license. Upon the presentation of the person's certificate and papers of discharge, properly

executed, to the auditor of any county and proving the person's identity as the person named

in the person's certificate of honorable discharge, the auditor shall issue to the former soldier

or sailor a free license to vend, hawk, and peddle goods, wares, fruits, and merchandise in

the county and in all cities and towns in the county. A fee may not be charged to the holder

of the license by the auditor, by the authorities of any city or town in the county, or by any

other officer. The license shall be full and complete authority to vend, hawk, and peddle

without the payment of any sum of money.

(b) A person who acquires a license under this section is subject to all county, city, or

town regulations and ordinances concerning vendors, hawkers, or peddlers, except for those

provisions requiring payment of money for obtaining a license.

Formerly: Acts 1895, c.121, s.1; Acts 1899, c.42, s.1. As amended by Acts 1979, P.L.247,

SEC.1; Acts 1980, P.L.38, SEC.16; P.L.16-1983, SEC.17; P.L.2-2003, SEC.66.

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