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Stout Tower Services

Stout Tower Services

Benjamin Horvath
51312 Parisian Drive
South Bend
(574) 315-2920

Stout Tower Services is a full service systems and site development contractor to the Wireless Industry.

STS services numerous cellular carriers in all areas of wireless site construction. Past and present customers include; Sprint, AT&T, GoGo, T-Mobile and Verizon among others.

We are looking for employees with construction experience, who are willing to travel and can work well with a team.

We are primarily looking to hire for two different occupations: tower technician and civil technician.

Tower Technicians must be able to climb and perform work at various heights (up to 400 feet) and be able to communicate and work well with fellow construction workers and climbers.

Civil Technicians must be able to work with basic hand and power tools. This position will involve working around and with earthmoving equipment, as well as tying rebar and building concrete forms.

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