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SINE Public Safety Academies Inc

SINE Public Safety

Christopher Chalker
11728 Hamble Drive

Company Description: With the permission and encouragement of Spencer and Jo Ann Moore, Solutions in Education (SINE) is proposing the creation of a Public Safety Academy to be named in honor of David S. Moore, son of Lt Spencer Moore (ret) and Sgt. Jo Ann Moore who gave his life in the line of duty and defense of his city on January 26, 2011. The mission of the Officer David S. Moore Public Safety Academy (PSA) will be three-fold; serving high-risk students with literacy and behavioral needs, recruiting underserved college prep students interested in public safety, and hiring military veterans, particularly disabled veterans, to reach and teach PSA students. The program objective will be to place the above student groups in an environment that emphasizes personal responsibility, community service and academic success, while presenting students hands-on opportunities to explore potential careers in public safety.

The PSA will be designed to meet the unique academic and behavioral needs of students from the first group who are currently under active expulsion from high schools in Marion County, Indiana. Large numbers of suspended and expelled students face very difficult challenges every year. Many expelled students come from high risk families in both income and structure, are left to their own devices, and have no viable options to continue their education while out of school.  As a result, these students fall behind academically and suffer poor long-term educational outcomes.  While out of school and away from structured supervision, many expelled students are more likely to engage in risky and irresponsible behavior, negatively impacting public safety and their own welfare in the process.

When students are expelled, they have few options; currently no schools in Marion County enroll students that are under active expulsion.  As a result, hundreds of expelled students have no viable option to continue their education and often find themselves unsupervised and in environments that lend themselves to temptations that thwart a return to the educational system. Lacking self-esteem, inspiration, and motivation to achieve, these high risk students see their futures as pre-determined to be ones of hopelessness, unemployment and even crime. The PSA's transformational services will enable them to earn a high school diploma, establish a career pathway, and form a different view of themselves, the city of Indianapolis, and public safety in general.  Academy students will realize that they have potential, can take control of their lives, and be responsible for the choices they make.

The PSA meets a community need by providing these out-of-school students, many of whom already represent our community's most at-risk youth, the opportunity to resume their schooling and realize the potential of a career in public safety or other career and technical fields in the process. The PSA is structured to serve the unique needs of expelled youth through a focus on self-discipline, character education, and leadership development. For many potential students in the PSA, chronic behavioral issues were the primary barrier to success in their home schools.  To address these issues, the Academy will demonstrate a focus on strengths-based behavioral skill development to equip students to be good citizens, and in many cases, public safety officials in the future.  Strength-based skill development in the behavioral area will focus on the developmental assets of students as opposed to the typical focus on their deficits and deficiencies.

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