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General Electric Aviation

GE Aviation

Ashley Williams
3700 Highway 52 South

The new GE Aviation LEAP Engine Assembly plant is a 100-acre site in Lafayette, IN, and is 300,000 square feet. Production began in 2016 and employment is expected to reach 230 locally by 2020. The LEAP engine, produced for Boeing, Airbus and COMAC, is the world's first passenger jet engine with 3D printed fuel nozzles-five times more durable than previous models-and next-generation materials, such as heat-resistant ceramic matrix composites and carbon fiber fan blades woven in three dimensions at once. The fuel-efficient engine, hundreds of pounds lighter than same-size engines built with metal parts, was developed by CFM International, a joint venture of GE and Snecma for France. The Lafayette facility features an advanced assembly line equipped with advanced torqueing systems, automated vision inspection systems, radio frequency parts management and other technologies that improve production.

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