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How to Check the Status of Your Refund

What you will need

  • Social Security number of taxpayer
  • Exact amount of the refund

Two ways to check the status of a refund

Online via INTIME: Inquiries can be made on refund amount(s) from 2017 to the current tax season.

If a direct deposit of your Indiana individual income tax refund was requested, once DOR initiates the deposit, our system will reflect the date the request was processed. Normally, it takes seven business days for your financial institution to receive and process the funds.

For more information on refunds, use INTIME’s secure messaging to contact DOR Customer Service.

Eligible Hoosiers claiming the $200 ATR as a tax credit on a 2022 Indiana resident tax return (IT-40, IT-40PNR, or SC-40) will receive it as a refund (and not as a direct payment), or it will be applied toward any additional taxes owed. You will be able to check the status of your refund in INTIME after DOR finishes processing your tax return.

Information regarding the $125 Automatic Taxpayer Refund (ATR) and $200 additional ATR issued in 2022 is not displayed or available via INTIME. Both ATRs were sent separately from your 2021 Individual Income Tax refund (if applicable). DOR’s “Where’s my Refund” phone and internet lookups do not have this ATR information.

See more ATR information

Call 317-232-2240 (option 3) to access DOR’s automated refund line. Please allow two to three weeks of processing time before calling. Some tax returns may take longer to process due to factors like return errors or incomplete information.

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