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Frequently Asked Questions - Motor Carrier Services

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International Registration Plan (IRP)

Oversize/Overweight (OSW)

  • Do I need an Oversize/Overweight permit to move farm equipment?

    Farm vehicles that travel on any Indiana interstate road system need an OSW permit. Farm vehicles running only on a secondary road system are exempt from OSW permits.

  • How do I apply for permits electronically?

    Go to Indiana Motor Carrier Applications and select “Apply for an OSW Account.” You will need to have your company's federal identification number (EIN) to apply for a permit. Sole proprietors who do not have an EIN may apply using their Social Security. You must also know your USDOT number (if applicable).

    You must have a user ID and password to access the system. After you have established an Indiana account, you can register as a user. Go to Indiana Motor Carrier Applications and select “User Registration.” When you are registered and logged into your OSW account, you can order your permits online.

  • How do I know which routes are restricted?

    The MCS Oversize/Overweight page offers several resources to help you with routing prior to applying for a permit including maps, toll road information, bridge heights, and weather and construction information.

  • What are other ways, besides online, that I can request a permit?

    Applying online is the easiest and fastest way to receive an OSW permit.

    You may complete Form M-233 and mail it to:
    Motor Carrier Services
    Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permitting
    7811 Milhouse Rd., Suite M
    Indianapolis, IN 46241

    In-person service is available at DOR’s Motor Carrier Customer Service Center. Customers who arrive at Motor Carrier Services without an appointment may experience longer than expected wait times and may be requested to make an appointment for some transaction types. In-person service is available at DOR’s Motor Carrier Customer Service Center.

  • What is a “Superload”, and what does “preapproval” mean?

    A "Superload" is any load that exceeds 15 feet high, 16 feet wide, 110 feet long, and/or 120,000 pounds, or fails the overload analysis. Any load that fails the overload analysis must be reviewed by an Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) engineer. Loads that are reviewed by INDOT engineers require additional processing time. The new permitting system allows you to have the INDOT engineering analysis done ahead of time, before you need the permit, and receive a superload preapproval number. Once you have this preapproval number, you can get additional permits using the same vehicle configuration and route for the next 30 days without any additional INDOT analysis or delays.

  • How will I know when my permit is ready?

    Log into the OSW online service account and click “My Recent Applications.” You can view your application number and status. When the status is “Approved,” your permit is ready for payment and printing. The status of every permit shows on the dashboard.

  • How do I know the status of my permit application?

    If the status is “Rejected,” click on OSW Home from the menu on the left (in the permitting application). Locate the section called “Our Rejected Applications.” Click on the application number and scroll to the bottom of the permit summary to see the explanation. The status of every permit shows on the dashboard.

  • How do I register for Special Weight Permits?

    Log into your OSW online service account and click on “Special Weight Vehicle Registration.” Select the year you are registering for and add your vehicle information, including the full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). After you have added all your vehicles, you must pay the registration fee before any Special Weight Permits can be ordered. Once you have entered and registered all your vehicles, you need to renew your Special Weight Registration annually. You can also add, edit or delete trucks at any time at no additional cost. To order a Special Weight Permit, your vehicle must be registered.

  • How do I obtain an Annual Toll Road Gate Permit?

    Log in to your OSW online service account and click “Apply for Permit.” Select “Annual permit” for type of permit to be ordered. Then select “Toll Road Gate-Annual” from the list. You will complete the vehicle information section and select the gate numbers you need. You can then pay for and print your Toll Road Gate Permits. You will need to obtain only one permit for each truck (each permit can have multiple gates listed).


Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

Base Plate Registration (BPR)

Motor Carrier Fuel Tax (MCFT) & International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

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