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Utilization Review Agent Renewal Registration

IC 27-8-17

IAC 760: 1- 46

IDOI provides renewal requirements of Certification of Registration for a Utilization Review Agent under IC 27-8-17 and applicable regulation IAC 760 1-46.

The annual license renewal process can be completed electronically at www.sircon.com/indiana or submitted by paper.  The following items must be submitted in order to renew as a Utilization Review Agent:

  • Application
  • $100 Renewal Fee- Renewal notices are emailed 90 days prior to the renewal date to the email address on file with the IDOI.
  • Utilization Review Agent Checklist:  Complete only if there have been changes to previously submitted documentation. Mark the “Located” column for items that have changed and attach supporting documentation.

URAC accreditation does not waive any requirement for documentation submission.

Send paper submission to the following address: 

Indiana Department of Insurance
Attn:  Utilization Review Coordinator
311 West Washington St., Ste. 300
Indianapolis, IN 46204

For any questions, contact Rebecca Vaughan at (317) 232-2187 or rvaughan@idoi.in.gov.