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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney (POA) grants a chosen authority access to an individual’s personal information and the ability to act on their behalf in certain capacities. To elect a POA representative, an individual is required to submit a Form POA-1 to the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) by uploading an electronic Power of Attorney (ePOA) on INTIME or by mailing or faxing in a copy of the original paper form.

INTIME streamlines the establishment of a POA relationship between individuals and POA representatives, enabling the representatives to view an individual’s account information and correspondence, pay taxes and bills, register tax accounts, file business taxes, and securely message DOR Customer Service. Get started with the ePOA guides for Tax Practitioners and/or Clients.

Through INTIME, tax preparers also have the ability to:

  • View and manage multiple customers under one login
  • File returns, make payments and view file and payment history for clients
  • View and respond to correspondence for clients
  • Request electronic Power of Attorney from clients to act on their behalf
DOR employees can only speak with a POA representative about specific tax type(s) and period(s) indicated on a completed and received POA-1.  Form POA-1 does not need to be notarized.
DOR will verify the signer of the Form POA-1. If the person who signed the document is not an authorized party (responsible officer), DOR will not be able to discuss the account. Be sure to review and update your responsible officers listed on your INTIME account.

Power of Attorney Frequently Asked Questions

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