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Tax Warrant Information for Clerks, Sheriffs, and Collection Agents

Tax Warrants

Effective Jan. 1, 2025, payments to DOR for tax warrants are required to be made electronically (IC 6.8-1-8-3). Additionally, the frequency of payments increases to twice a month and will be due on the fifth and 20th day of each month.

Electronic Warrant Exchange

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) offers the electronic exchange of tax warrants between the State of Indiana and the county clerks, sheriffs, attorneys and collection agencies.

Information on the electronic warrant exchange program, including rules and specifications required, detailed materials, and additional details are available in the following guides:

Technical Questions

For technical questions, contact Suvarna Daruri, Information Technologies Division, by email.

Electronic Exchange Options

Sheriff Portal

DOR provides a Sheriff Portal to electronically exchange warrant and lien information with Sheriffs and Collection Agents, as well as make electronic payments, through the Indiana Tax System (ITS). It is available to Indiana counties that administer and process tax warrant collections. Each county may register for access to the Sheriff Portal by completing the Sheriff Portal Registration form and submitting it by email.

Sheriff Portal guide

Automated Tax Warrant System

The Automated Tax Warrant System (ATWS) application is a software package, provided by Lieberman Technologies for Indiana Sheriff offices, that streamlines the handling of Indiana tax warrants. The electronic payment functionality will be available for users of ATWS prior to the Jan. 1, 2025, requirement. ATWS will communicate directly with its users and provide further details.

Additional Systems

Counties may build their own software solution based on the guidelines provided by in DOR’s implementation guide. For more information contact DOR by email.