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Enterprise Zone Maps

Welcome to the Indiana Department of Revenue's (DOR) enterprise zone interactive map. This map represents an estimate of the enterprise zones' boundaries, and are not guaranteed to be 100% precise. This map has not been updated since 2018, and may show boundaries for enterprise zones that have expired. Please consult the Association of Indiana Enterprise Zones webpage for a list of current enterprise zones, and contact the local urban enterprise association where your business is located to verify whether or not a specific address is located in the enterprise zone.

During the 2018 legislative session, the General Assembly passed a bill shifting administrative responsibilities for the program from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) to the local enterprise zone associations. As a result, zone businesses are no longer required to file their annual Enterprise Zone Business Registration (EZB-R) with the IEDC.

Beginning on January 1, 2019, each zone business must now file an annual registration with its local Urban Enterprise Association (UEA) to claim tax savings and stay in good standing. A zone business must file its Enterprise Zone Business Registration (EZB-R) or Request for Extension (EZB-E) with its local fiscal body by June 1 of each year. If an EZB-E is filed, the zone business has until July 15 to file its EZB-R.

For questions regarding income tax credits and deductions associated with the enterprise zone program, contact DOR's Tax Policy Division at (317) 232-7282 or email taxpolicy@dor.in.gov. For questions specific to the program itself or information on an enterprise zone should be directed to the contact for that particular UEA. Please consult the member directory on the Association of Indiana Enterprise Zones webpage to find the contact for each UEA.

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