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Training Opportunities

Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy

The Indiana Department of Education’s (IDOE’s) Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy (ISSSA) provides ongoing, certified training and information on national and state best practices, high-quality resources for school safety, security, intervention/prevention, and emergency preparedness planning. School safety specialists are trained to lead the development and implementation of school safety practices to ensure safe educational environments are provided for all students in Indiana.

Basic Training

Registration for IDOE’s next school safety specialist basic training (group 26) for the 2024-2025 school year will open this summer. This training consists of three days of in-person training (i.e., two days in fall, one day in spring). Registration forms will be shared on this webpage once available.

Advanced Training

Thank you to those who attended IDOE's ISSSA Spring 2024 Advanced Training on Monday, April 1, and Tuesday, April 2. Participants can access their Professional Growth Plan (PGP) point certificate of completion below. Certificates are disaggregated by last name: Registration for our IDOE’s ISSSA spring 2024 advanced training is now open.

Regional Training

Contact IDOE's Senior School Safety Specialist, Ryan Stewart, with any questions regarding ISSSA training opportunities.