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Guidance Materials

The Concussion Law applies to students who participate in interscholastic activities. Following the requirements in this law is recommended but is not mandatory for intramural or club sports. The Concussion Law applies to student athletes in grades 5-12.

Information Sheets

Per IC 20-34-7, fact sheets must be given to the student and the parent, and both the student and the parent must sign and return a form acknowledging the receipt of the information to the student’s coach. Schools should develop a policy regarding distribution of these forms through printed or electronic means, obtaining electronic or written signatures, and the process for monitoring the completion and returning of forms.

Information Sheets for Students in Grades 9-12 (Sports and Cheerleading)

Information Sheets for Student in Grades 5-8 (Sports and Cheerleading)

Return to Play Protocols

As part of a school policy, schools should develop procedures regarding return to play protocols for students exhibiting symptoms of a concussion. Once schools develop these procedures, the following sample form may be used.

List of Required Courses for Coaches

All coaches and assistant coaches, including cheerleading, must take a concussion awareness and heat-related prevention course. Coaches and assistant coaches for football must take additional courses related to equipment fitting and proper tackling techniques. Please note - coaches and assistant coaches for all interscholastic sports must also take a sudden cardiac arrest and an AED training course. These courses can be found on the Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AED webpage.

Coach Indiana Code Approved Courses

Head or Assistant Coaches (including cheerleading) for all Interscholastic Sports (excluding football)

IC 20-34-7-7: requires concussion awareness and heat-related medical issues training

Head or Assistant Coaches for Football

IC 20-34-7-6: requires concussion awareness, equipment fitting, heat emergency preparedness, and proper tackling technique training.

Football coaches must complete all of the courses under one of the options below.


Return to Learn Protocols

As part of a school policy, schools should develop procedures regarding return to learn protocols for students diagnosed with a concussion.