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Social Studies

Indiana Academic Social Studies Standards
TitleNew 2020 PDFNew 2020 WordNew 2020 PDF SpanishStandards Revisions
Kindergarten PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Grade 1 PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Grade 2 PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Grade 3 PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Grade 4 PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Grade 5 PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Grade 6 PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Grade 7 PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Grade 8 PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Economics PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Ethnic Studies PDF. PDFPDF
Geography & History of the World PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Global Economics PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Psychology PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Sociology PDF.Word.PDFPDF
United States Government PDF.Word.PDFPDF
United States History PDF.Word.PDFPDF
World Geography PDFWord.PDFPDF
World History & Civilization PDF.Word.PDFPDF
Indiana Studies PDF.Word.PDFPDF
To access 2014 Indiana Academic Standards follow 2014 Social Studies

Indiana Content Area Literacy Standards
These standards provide guidance to social studies teachers in grades 6-12 on expectations for integrating reading and writing skills into their daily instruction.
TitleUpdatedNew 2020 PDFNew 2020 Word2014 PDF
History/Social Studies Content Area Literacy 03/2020 PDFWordPDF

Social Studies Resource Guides for Indiana Academic Standards
These Teacher Resource Guides have been developed to provide supporting materials to help educators successfully implement the social studies standards. These resources are provided to help teachers in their work to ensure all students meet the rigorous learning expectations set by the Academic Standards. Use of these resources is optional.
TitleUpdatedDownload PDF
Kindergarten 10/2021 PDF
Grade 1 19/2021 PDF
Grade 2 10/2021 PDF
Grade 3 10/2021 PDF
Grade 4 10/2021 PDF
Grade 5 10/2021 PDF
Grade 6 10/2021 PDF
Grade 7 10/2021 PDF
Grade 8 10/2021 PDF
Grade 8 Standards IN Connection 12/27/2017 PDF
Economics 10/2021 PDF
Psychology 10/2021 PDF
Sociology 10/2021 PDF
United States Government 10/2021 PDF
United States History 10/2021 PDF
High School Standards IN Connection 12/27/2017 PDF
World History & Civilization 10/2021 PDF
World War I - PDF
Approved Civics and Updated 6- 8 Grade Indiana Academic Social Studies Standards (Implementation Beginning in 2023-2024)
TitleUpdatedDownload PDF
6th Grade Civics 06/13/2022PDF
6th Grade Social Studies06/13/2022PDF
7th Grade Social Studies06/13/2022PDF
8th Grade Social Studies06/13/2022PDF