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CTE: Trade and Industry (T&I)

Indiana Academic Standards - CTE: Trade and Industry (T&I)
Architectural Drafting and Design I07/17/2014PDF
Architectural Drafting and Design II07/17/2014PDF
Auto Collision Repair Tech I07/17/2014PDF
Auto Collision Repair Tech II07/17/2014PDF
Automotive Services I07/17/2014PDF
Automotive Services II07/17/2014PDF
Aviation Flight07/17/2014PDF
Aviation Maintenance07/17/2014PDF
Aviation Operations07/17/2014PDF
Construction Trades I07/17/2014PDF
Construction Trades II07/17/2014PDF
Construction Trades: Electrical I07/17/2014PDF
Construction Trades: Electrical II07/17/2014PDF
Construction Trades: HVAC I03/07/2017PDF
Construction Trades: HVAC II03/07/2017PDF
Cosmetology I07/17/2014PDF
Cosmetology II07/17/2014PDF
Criminal Justice I07/17/2014PDF
Criminal Justice II07/17/2014PDF
Diesel Service Tech I07/17/2014PDF
Diesel Service Tech II07/17/2014PDF
Electronics and Computer Technology I07/17/2014PDF
Electronics and Computer Technology II07/17/2014PDF
Fire and Rescue I07/17/2014PDF
Fire and Rescue II07/17/2014PDF
Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing08/25/2016PDF
Introduction to Construction07/17/2014PDF
Introduction to Manufacturing07/17/2014PDF
Introduction to Transportation07/17/2014PDF
Industrial Automation and Robotics I10/02/2018PDF
Industrial Automation and Robotics II10/02/2018PDF
Industrial Technical Maintenance I10/29/2018PDF
Industrial Technical Maintenance II10/29/2018PDF
Advanced Manufacturing I12/21/2017PDF
Advanced Manufacturing II07/29/2016PDF
Mechanical Drafting and Design I07/17/2014PDF
Mechanical Drafting and Design II07/17/2014PDF
Precision Machining I07/17/2014PDF
Precision Machining II07/17/2014PDF
Supply Chain Management and Logistics07/17/2014PDF
Warehouse Operations07/17/2014PDF
Welding I07/17/2014PDF
Welding II07/17/2014PDF
Indiana Content Area Literacy Standards
Science/Technical Studies Content Area Literacy09/30/2017PDF