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High-Quality Curricular Materials Advisory Lists

High-Quality Curricular Materials Advisory Lists

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) conducted numerous committees to engage in an evaluation process to review and recommend vendor-submitted curriculum materials to comprise IDOE’s high-quality curricular materials advisory lists. These advisory lists, aligned with the future-focused 2023 Indiana Academic Standards, aim to support schools in the implementation of literacy instruction aligned with science of reading and curricula for use with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. IDOE conducted the same process to identify integrated curricular materials supporting each domain of the 2023 Indiana Early Learning Standards.

Science of Reading

Pursuant to Indiana Code (IC) 20-26-12-24.5, beginning with the 2024-2025 school year, a superintendent, advisory committee, or governing body or the equivalent for a charter school, in adopting curriculum or supplemental materials for reading under section 24 of this chapter: (1) shall adopt curriculum or supplemental materials for reading that are aligned: (A) with the science of reading; and (B) to the student's reading proficiency; and may not adopt curriculum or supplemental materials for reading that are based on the three-cueing model. Pursuant to IC 20-31-3-2(b), IDOE “must publish an advisory list of science of reading curricula on the department’s website.

Early Learning 

Additionally, advisory lists are provided for early learning in the developmental domains of infant/toddler, preschool, and mixed age groups. Local educational agencies (LEAs) and early learning facilities have the autonomy to choose their own instructional materials. Indiana aims to support local decision-makers by providing the results of ongoing reviews that help identify high-quality curricular materials from participating vendors.

Review Process 

Vendors submitted curriculum materials to be reviewed by stakeholder committees consisting of educators, content specialists, accessibility representatives, and more. Committees evaluated submissions to confirm alignment to the 2023 Indiana Academic Standards with criteria addressing instruction, assessment, and professional development considerations.

Advisory List 

Vendors and their associated curricular materials that appear on the advisory lists and satisfied all required criteria are outlined in the following evaluation rubrics:

Cost sheets for approved vendors include all components evaluated on the rubric. LEAs and early learning facilities have the autonomy to select components that meet the needs of their educators and students. Vendors with approved materials will be valid for a period of six years (pending any updates to Indiana Academic Standards and Indiana Early Learning Standards, legislation, or rule). Vendors must confirm annually any specific changes to materials and related pricing. State reviews of new vendor submissions will take place annually.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

K-5 Reading
VendorMaterialCost SheetLink
Amplify Education, Inc.CKLA K-5 2023PDFAmplify CKLA
Great Minds PBCWit & Wisdom K-5 2023
Fundations K-3 2023
Geodes K-3 2023
PDFGreat Minds
McGraw HillOpen Court K-5 2023PDFOpen Court
McGraw HillWonders K-5 2023
(Approved without Leveled Readers)
SavaasmyView Literacy K-5 2023
(Approved without Leveled Readers and Leveled Readers Teacher Guide)
PDFmyView Literacy
Early Learning
VendorMaterialCost SheetLink
HighScope Educational Research FoundationInfant ToddlerPDFInfant Toddler
HighScope Educational Research FoundationPreschoolPDFPreschool
Scholastic, Inc.PreK OnMyWayPDFOnMyWay
Kaplan Early Learning CompanyConnect4LearningPDFConnect4Learning
Purdue Early Learning Matters (ELM) Curriculum AcademyELM: Birth-36 MonthsPDFBirth-36 Months
Purdue ELM Curriculum AcademyELM: 3-5 YearsPDF3-5 Years

Contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning, Literacy Center, or Office of Kindergarten Readiness with any questions.

High-Quality Curricular Materials Advisory Lists Evaluation Process

High-quality curricular materials are a key component to effective and engaging learning experiences for students. Following the evaluation process outlined below, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) will publish advisory lists of high-quality curricular materials to inform local adoption, instructional practices, and professional development.

Content providers of proprietary and open educational resources (OER) aligned to future-focused Indiana Academic Standards and Indiana Early Learning Standards are invited to submit the vendor application to be considered for inclusion on the advisory lists. The following subject areas are accepted for review with the 2023-2024 High-Quality Curricular Materials Vendor Application:

  • Early Learning Integrated Curriculum (Infant/toddler, preschool, and mixed age groups)
  • K-8 Science/Engineering
  • 9-12 Science
  • K-8 Technology (Computer science)
  • K-12 Mathematics
  • K-5 Reading aligned with the 2023 future-focused Indiana Academic Standards aligned to the science of reading

The following steps outline the vendor submission process, which requires review by IDOE and committees of Indiana educators using the vendor evaluation tools. Vendors must submit the High-Quality Curricular Materials Vendor Application to IDOE via electronic form. The review considers three specific process steps:

  1. Independent review by a credible third-party research entity;
  2. Independent review by each educator reviewer; and
  3. Consensus by IDOE’s hosted review committee.

Please review the Vendor Guide for additional information and specific guidelines for submission and approval. In addition to reviewing all documentation, the first required major milestone is for prospective vendor applicants to submit a Jotform indicating intent to apply no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, August 21. Clarifying questions about the process should be submitted through the letter of intent form as well.