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Overview, Participation, and Policy Guidance

The Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination (IREAD-3) is a grade three reading assessment developed in accordance with state legislation. IREAD-3 is designed to measure foundational reading skills based on Indiana Academic Standards through grade three. Test design centers on understanding these standards, collaborating with Indiana educators to define content priorities and evidence of mastery, and creating key documents that define the assessment.

All grade three students enrolled in accredited Indiana schools must participate in and attain a passing score on IREAD-3. A summer retest opportunity is available for students who did not pass IREAD-3 during the spring administration. Please review the 2021-2022 Indiana Assessment Windows for more details.

The Indiana State Board of Education set forth guidance schools must use when making decisions about grade-level promotion, instructional plans, and Good Cause Exemption eligibility for individual students. The intent is to ensure each student receives the appropriate reading remediation based on IREAD-3 test data and their individual learning needs.

Participation and Policy Guidance Resources

Test Design

IREAD-3 is a timed, multiple-choice only assessment consisting of three separate test segments. The first segment measures foundational reading skills, including phonics and vocabulary. The remaining two segments assess students’ ability to silently read and comprehend nonfiction and literary texts. Indiana educator committees collaborated with content experts to create the IREAD-3 Test Blueprint and Item Specifications and ensure all test items align to Indiana Academic Standards.

The IREAD-3 Test Blueprint defines the essential content which will be measured by the assessment.

The IREAD-3 Item Specifications define exactly how each standard will be measured on the assessment. Item specifications are used by professional item writers to create items and include information such as evidence statements, Depth of Knowledge requirements, and sample items.

Test Design Resources

Sample Items, Scoring, and Reporting

Sample IREAD-3 items are available in the Released Items Repository (RIR), Cambium Assessment, Inc.’s (CAI) simulated test delivery system. The items in the RIR illustrate the item types students may encounter on IREAD-3 and may be used as a sample assessment to familiarize students with test content and format.

IREAD-3 requires a passing score of 446 or greater. IREAD-3 Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) define what students know and can do at each proficiency level.

Schools are responsible for communicating student test results to parents in a timely manner. Parents seeking student scores should contact their child’s school for assistance.

Sample Items, Scoring, and Reporting Resources

Contact IDOE with questions about IREAD-3: or 317-233-5191.