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Formative (Interim) Assessment Grant

Vision and Purpose

Formative and interim assessments and the use of their data to guide classroom instruction at the individual student level result in increased academic success. Indiana’s Formative (Interim) Assessment Grant provides funding to schools for formative, interim, benchmark, and similar assessment programs and professional development in order to increase data-driven instructional practices and enrich learning for all students.


All Indiana public school corporations, charter schools, and accredited nonpublic schools (including choice schools) are eligible to apply for this grant. Assessment programs and tools are targeted for students in grades K-10.

2022-2023 Information for Schools

2021-2022 Information for Schools

2020-2021 Information for Schools

Additional Resources

Information for Assessment Program Vendors

The Office of Student Assessment (OSA) opens a window each school year where vendors may submit requests for assessment program approval for use with this grant. This application window typically takes place in late fall - winter. Vendors must follow the Program Approval Process provided below to request approval. IDOE maintains a list of vendor contacts and alerts vendors via email of updates to this window and the application process. Contact OSA to be added to this list.


Office of Student Assessment