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CACFP Policy and Memorandum

The following policies and regulations provide guidance in administering the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Indiana CACFP Policies

Policy #Title
23-01Use of Internal Forms and Software
22-01Termination and Disqualification Effective Dates
19-02Receiving Donations
19-01Sponsor Organization Appeal Procedures
15-02Meal Service Scheduling
13-01Removal from the National Disqualified List or State Disqualified List
10-01Excess Administrative Funds for Sponsors of Centers
09-01Seriously Deficient Process for Sponsored of Unaffiliated Centers
05-11Household Contact System for Sponsoring Organizations
05-08Overpayments Disregard Threshold
05-03Content and Frequency of Enrollment Forms
04-06Recruitment And Reciprocity Between Sponsors
04-03Review Requirements for Sponsoring Organizations
03-20CACFP Management Responsibilities for Institutions
03-12Audit Requirements
03-06Application Procedures for New Institutions
02-08Significant Organization Changes
02-02Non-Profit Food Service Account Balance
00-14Parental Notification Requirements
00-10Required Training for Family Day Care Providers
00-08Budget Amendments
97-05Change of Sponsorship
97-01Time-In/Time-Out Sheets
96-04Family Daycare Providers Moving to Another Address
95-03State Agency Reviews of Institutions and Facilities
94-05Application Requirements for Facilities

In 2022, Indiana CACFP policies were fully reviewed and revised. Many policies were deleted because they are outlined in other sources, were combined with another policy, or they were found to no longer be relevant.