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Student Growth

The Indiana State Board of Education adopted the table below as the official growth to proficiency table. This table will be used to measure individual student growth, and award points for the observed growth made by each student.

To calculate the growth metric for a school, points are first awarded at the student level using the Observed Growth Values table. The Observed Growth is used in the Indiana Administrative Rules section 511 IAC 6.2-10-5 to assess student growth in school performance calculations. The values table uses each student’s prior year assessment status and current year observed growth to demonstrate growth toward proficiency.

The Observed Growth Values table was a product of the work of the Accountability System Review Panel. The Panel considered various point and target options to determine a model that best reflected how growth is valued in Indiana. Based upon IC 20-31-8-5.4, the Department of Education and the Accountability System Review Panel proposed the following standards for the growth metric:

Prior Year StatusTarget RangePoints AwardedTarget RangePoints AwardedTarget RangePoints Awarded
  • Individual student growth should be utilized in the accountability system.
  • Student growth should be a criterion metric within the accountability system.
  • Growth should be a metric relatively independent of school performance status. The metric should have low correlation to performance. The data display should clearly illustrate both components.
  • Growth should incentivize progress toward proficiency in non-proficient students and continued growth in proficient students.
  • Growth should deter a decline in individual student performance levels.