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Office of Accountability


Welcome to the Office of Accountability Webpage. Please click on the links below for more information about Indiana’s school accountability system and the Office of Accountability:


Includes information on school accreditation types and statuses in the state of Indiana.

Alternate Assessment ESSA 1% CAP

Includes information on Alternate Assessment ESSA 1% CAP.

Blue Ribbon Schools

Includes information on the Federal Blue Ribbon Schools Program and schools nominated for the Blue Ribbon award.

Data Center & Results

Provides access to school accountability data, including historical A-F results.

Federal Accountability

Learn more about Indiana’s Federal Accountability System

Four Star Schools

Includes information on the Four Star School Program and schools receiving the Four Star designation.

Graduation Rate

Includes information on Indiana’s graduation rate and other high school outcomes.

Nonpublic Schools

Includes information on nonpublic schools in the state of Indiana.

School Improvement Plans

Includes information and guidance on School Improvement Plans.

Student Growth

Includes information on the Observed Growth Values Tables for the new student-centered accountability system.

History of Indiana’s Accountability System

Includes information on the History of Indiana’s Accountability System.

Student-Centered Accountability

Learn more about Indiana’s new Student-Centered Accountability System.

Instructional Time & Calendar Requirements

The instructional time requirements in Indiana for schools are established by state law. These requirements apply regardless of how many semesters make up a school year. Below is a summary of the instructional time and calendars.

  • IC 20-30-2-1: Instructional time is time during which students participate in an approved course, curriculum, or an educationally related activity under the direction of a teacher, which includes a reasonable amount of passing time between classes. Instructional time doesn’t include lunch or recess.
  • IC 20-30-2-2: Requires that the instructional day for grades 1-6 consist of at least 5 hours of instructional time, and the instructional day for grades 7-12 consist of at least 6 hours of instructional time.
  • Waiver Day Policy Memo 2021-2022 School Year

A school that is eligible for the performance-qualified school program may exercise some flexibility around these instructional time requirements. In order to be eligible for the performance-qualified program, a district must receive an A for the previous school year. A district remains designated as a qualified district until it either receives a C or lower for one school year, or receives a B or lower for two consecutive school years.

  • IC 20-24.2-4-2: Provides that a performance-qualified school does not have to provide 180 student instructional days so long as the total number of instructional minutes provided in a school year meets the required timeframe (e.g., 64,800 minutes for a high school (6 hours * 180 days = 1,080 hours = 64,800 minutes).
  • IC 20-30-2-3: For each school year a school must conduct at least 180 instructional days during a school year.
  • IC 20-30-2-7: The minimum length of a school year is 9 months.
  • IC 20-18-2-17: A school year is defined as a period beginning after June 30 and ending before July 1 of the following year.