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Federal Grants Pre-Application

In an effort to improve efficiency and  collaboration within local education agencies (LEAs), IDOE took the opportunity  to analyze current grant practices and brainstormed ways to make the process  more streamlined. This process led IDOE to:

  • Identify as many similarities as  possible to reduce the number of responses required across the multiple grants
  • Write a narrative question, whose  answer would satisfy multiple federal requirements simultaneously
  • Consolidate numerous processes  (e.g. English learner plan, and naming an annual foster point-of-contact) into  one place
  • Shift this content to the front of  the process, so that the actual grants will be more streamlined and easier to  complete
  • Encourage collaboration across  multiple federal programs

Thus, the Pre-Application was created and  implemented during the FY 2020 grant cycle.

Pre-Application Timeline

The Pre-Application is the first step in  applying for Titles I-A, II-A, III-A, IV-A, and Rural and Low  Income Schools (RLIS) grants. The  Pre-Application will open on Sunday, May 1, and will close on Friday, July 1.  However, LEAs can work on this process earlier in the year so this portion of  the grant (e.g., narrative components, goal setting, etc.) is completed while  the LEAs are waiting on their allocation figures.

Once the Pre-Application is submitted, the LEA  will be able to begin working on the respective grants. IDOE will review and  approve the Pre-Application on an annual basis. Although LEAs will be able to  complete the budget applications for Title I-A, II-A, III-A, IV-A, and RLIS  grants while the Pre-Application is under review by the IDOE, the LEA will not  be able to seek approval of the grant or reimbursement until the  Pre-Application is approved.

Current Pre-Application

Access to the Pre-Application, training  videos, consultation forms, resource documents, and JotForm submission link are  all included within the “Title Grants Pre-App” course within the Moodle portal.

Visit the Title Grants and Support page on  Moodle here.